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Dynamic Environments Using Helm and Kubernetes

Dynamic Environments Using Helm and Kubernetes

Lucas Santos

May 19, 2020

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  1. - Container Orchestrator - Developed by Google in 2000 -

    Scaling, state and version management - Cluster based - Declarative
  2. - Kubernetes package manager - Allows for manifest files to

    be grouped into Charts - Templating - Easier way to create and tear down environments
  3. Design Patterns - Manual testing environments by branch - Automatic

    testing environment by PR on release branch - Automatic testing environment by a "RC" tag - Automatic testing environment at each new version - Hybrid using manual branching with PRs on release
  4. tips_ - Tearing down an environment is equally important as

    creating one - Do NOT use the production database (yeah… It happened) - Not all features need a testing environment - Make the environment creation and destruction as a manual approach - Do NOT use production passwords anywhere else (yeah… It also happened) - Keep it simple - Don't early-optimise
  5. referências_ - https://aka.ms/aks-workshop-intro - https://aka.ms/helm-intro - https://aka.ms/helm-charts-intro - https://aka.ms/helm-az-cr -

    https://aka.ms/az-devops-docs - https://aka.ms/az-kubernetes - https://aka.ms/az-aks-tutorial