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Integrating Containers Into JavaScript

Integrating Containers Into JavaScript

Lucas Santos

May 14, 2021

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  1. then we use containerd - High-level runtime (runtime manager) created

    by the Open Container Initiative - Powers Docker - Created to be manipulated through code
  2. pros - Super easy - Takes advantage of ctr’s built

    in features - Faster implementation - Can be integrated with any external API
  3. cons - heavily dependent on environment - no complete control

    over the process - Limited to parsing the string outputs - Error handling is poor - Needs sudo - Input sanitizing
  4. pros - Proper error handling - Proper return codes -

    Allows you full control of the pipeline - Does not need to be in the same machine - Does not require sudo - Native (gRPC module)
  5. cons - Requires a LOT of knowledge in containers -

    Sparse documentation both for gRPC and containerd - Harder - Might be a problem to connect to external servers - CRT certificates and so on
  6. refs_ - github.lsantos.dev/containerd-integration-example - github.lsantos.dev/js-containerd-example - github.lsantos.dev/containerd-js - Mark’s article

    bit.ly/containerd-grpc-web These Slides: - slides.lsantos.dev/integrating-containers-into-javascript