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COSCUP 2016: Project 52 每週一個小專案來學習 Golang

Evan Lin
August 18, 2016

COSCUP 2016: Project 52 每週一個小專案來學習 Golang

Slide for COSCUP 2016. A talk to why I start and complete Project 52 and why I choose Golang


Evan Lin

August 18, 2016

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  1. About Me • Cloud Architect @ Linker Networks • Top

    10 Taiwan Golang open source contributor (github award) • Developer, Curator, Blogger
  2. What is Go(lang) • Create by Google • Design by

    • Ken Thompson • Rob Pike • Robert Griesemer, • Feature: • Compiled • Statically Typed • Garbage Collection
  3. Project 52 Constraint • The project could be small or

    big, but it should be something new not just refactoring an old project. • The Programming language is not limited, feel free to write any language you have just learnt. • Don't need to create brand new project, you could rewrite some exist project. (but on your own way, not allow to fork and refine.)
  4. Other tools 14. A github notification (starred, follower, followed) RSS

    feed in Golang 15. A simple Github Status RSS feeder server in Golang 16. plurk-makerserver: 蝚螂IFTTTݢ犥಩Twitter 旉ک Plurkጱ֑๐瑊
  5. Algorithms && Data Structure PubSub Bloom Filter Radix Tree jsonop

    Skip List Consistent Hashing Trigram Ngram React-Diff Aho–Corasick Algorithm