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Photoblogging with WordPress

Photoblogging with WordPress

An overview of recommended features, practices, themes and plugins for creating a photoblog with WordPress.

Kristen Symonds

April 23, 2015

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  1. Theme night: Photoblogs A picture says more than a thousand

  2. Eww! Seriously? Don’t do that? “sometimes called phlogs”

  3. Recommended Features Photos! One per post Galleries Plain background Simple

    typography EXIF About page Contact Page Gear page (if you want)
  4. Nice photoblogging themes wordpress.org/themes/tags/photoblogging/ Genesis (studiopress.com) Anything simple!

  5. Text Boardwalk https://wordpress.org/themes/boardwalk/

  6. Text Cubic https://wordpress.org/themes/cubic/

  7. Text Gridsby https://wordpress.org/themes/gridsby/

  8. Text Twenty Twelve https://wordpress.org/themes/twentytwelve/

  9. Text Twenty Fifteen https://wordpress.org/themes/twentyfifteen/

  10. Photoblog Examples

  11. • One post/image per page • EXIF • Thumbnail archive

  12. • One post/image per page • EXIF • Buy print/card

  13. • One post per page • Usually 1 image per

    post • EXIF • Thumbnail archive photoblog.kristarella.com
  14. • Standard blog format • Simple theme matthewkeighery.com

  15. • Uses a category on main blog • Tiled galleries

  16. Tips Make things easy for yourself! Use a separate blog,

    or just a category on your current site Use native WP features (e.g., media library) Post regularly Use post scheduling Photoblogging requires perseverance, don’t give up!
  17. Recommended tools A camera you probably have one in your

    pocket/bag right now! Automatic backup iCloud, Dropbox, Flickr, Google Image manager/editor iPhoto, Bridge, Lightroom, Aftershot Pro WordPress mobile app Image compressor ImageOptim, JPEGmini, Kraken, Compressor.io
  18. Recommended plugins Not YAPB (sorry) Jetpack Tiled Galleries Photon Publicize

    & Sharing a lightbox Jetpack’s carousel, or another Exifography