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Speaking in Spite of Fear (We Rise Women in Tech Conference, June 2017)

Speaking in Spite of Fear (We Rise Women in Tech Conference, June 2017)

Have you considered submitting to a conference but then talked yourself out of it? Or maybe you never considered it at all? People put off speaking at conferences for many different reasons (I know, I was one of those people). But this talk is not about reasons not to speak. It is about reasons to speak.

In this talk I will share my journey from non-speaker to speaker. Along the way we will uncover the return on investment of giving a conference talk, explore the process from submission day to speaking day, and learn tips and tricks to get you started on your first talk submission. My hope is you will leave this talk empowered to start your own journey as a conference speaker.


Kristin Marsicano

October 12, 2017

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  1. Speaking in Spite of Fear Kristin Marsicano @kristinmars #werisetech

  2. Goal: Empower you to start your own journey @kristinmars #werisetech

  3. My Journey: Wondering “What If?” @kristinmars #werisetech

  4. Am I cut out for this? @kristinmars #werisetech

  5. Is it worth the time and “risk”? @kristinmars #werisetech

  6. How do I even start? @kristinmars #werisetech

  7. My Journey: Finding a Mentor @kristinmars #werisetech

  8. Giving a talk is worth it @kristinmars #werisetech

  9. Giving a talk is worth it Self @kristinmars #werisetech

  10. Giving a talk is worth it Company Self @kristinmars #werisetech

  11. Community Giving a talk is worth it Company Self @kristinmars

  12. Stand on the shoulders of giants @kristinmars #werisetech

  13. My Journey: Making the Decision @kristinmars #werisetech

  14. It all starts with a decision @kristinmars #werisetech

  15. My Journey: I’m Not an Expert @kristinmars #werisetech

  16. https://news.realm.io/news/droidcon-boston-chiu-ki-chan-how-to-be-an-android-expert/

  17. My Journey: Nothing to Say @kristinmars #werisetech

  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLdhamQlFfg

  19. Topic doesn’t have to be earth shattering @kristinmars #werisetech

  20. Talk about what you know now @kristinmars #werisetech

  21. Be inspired but what you want to know @kristinmars #werisetech

  22. Get input from others... @kristinmars #werisetech

  23. Get input from others... ...but trust yourself @kristinmars #werisetech

  24. My Journey: Submitting Proposals @kristinmars #werisetech

  25. http://coreylatislaw.com/6-tips-for-speaking-at-conferences/

  26. “Good” proposal: What Why Personality To the point @kristinmars #werisetech

  27. Get feedback on proposal @kristinmars #werisetech

  28. Submit more than one @kristinmars #werisetech

  29. It’s OK to give the same talk again @kristinmars #werisetech

  30. Each “no” is one step closer to “yes” @kristinmars #werisetech

  31. My Journey: Preparing the Talk @kristinmars #werisetech

  32. Just like creating a lesson @kristinmars #werisetech

  33. Practice, tweak, repeat @kristinmars #werisetech

  34. Visuals are important @kristinmars #werisetech

  35. My Journey: Preparing to Talk @kristinmars #werisetech

  36. Memorize flow @kristinmars #werisetech

  37. Practice out loud @kristinmars #werisetech

  38. Practice standing up

  39. Practice handling questions @kristinmars #werisetech

  40. My Journey: Attending and Presenting @kristinmars #werisetech

  41. Arrive early enough @kristinmars #werisetech

  42. Check out the space @kristinmars #werisetech

  43. Attend the speaker event @kristinmars #werisetech

  44. Network as much as you can @kristinmars #werisetech

  45. Snooze all notifications @kristinmars #werisetech

  46. Take a deep breath...then present @kristinmars #werisetech

  47. My Journey: Reflecting @kristinmars #werisetech

  48. What makes a good talk? @kristinmars #werisetech

  49. Speaker + Content @kristinmars #werisetech

  50. A good talk echos on… @kristinmars #werisetech

  51. A good talk echos on… make sure it is recorded

    @kristinmars #werisetech
  52. Consider social media @kristinmars #werisetech

  53. Travel is not always paid for @kristinmars #werisetech

  54. Burnout is real @kristinmars #werisetech

  55. Your Journey: Getting Started @kristinmars #werisetech

  56. Find a mentor: leverage this conference! @kristinmars #werisetech

  57. Technically Speaking @techspeakdigest https://techspeak.email/

  58. WriteSpeakCode @WriteSpeakCode http://www.writespeakcode.com/

  59. http://coreylatislaw.com/ Corey Latislaw @coreylatislaw

  60. Chiu-Ki Chan @chiuki http://blog.sqisland.com/

  61. Kristin Marsicano (@kristinmars) Developer / Instructor / Author Big Nerd

    Ranch (@bignerdranch)
  62. None