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Docker birthday #5 Intro

Docker birthday #5 Intro

Kunal Kushwaha

March 27, 2018

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  1. Docker Momentum Thank You for 5 Amazing Years! Docker EE

    commercial customers 450+ Job listings on LinkedIn 15K Container downloads 37B 3.5M 200+ Active Docker user groups Dockerized apps
  2. Thank you Docker Tokyo Mentors! Mentors please stand up :)

    Mentors are advanced Docker users here to answer your Qs and help guide you through the labs! Just raise your hand if you need help.
  3. Take a #dockerselfie Say cheese! 1. Stand in front of

    / around the bday banner 2. Take an awesome selfie 3. Post on twitter & instagram using #dockerbday
  4. The Docker Journey to Containerization Getting Started 1st Project Scaling

    Out New Innovation Where are you? And where do you want to go?
  5. Event Agenda We have a great event planned for you

    :) 6.20pm - 6.25pm: Welcome 6:25pm - 6:40pm: Introduction to Docker 6:40pm - 7:00pm: Introduction to Docker commands. 7.00pm - 9.00pm: Learning Docker with the bday #5 hands-on-labs 9.00pm - 9.45pm: Socializing, selfies, fun!
  6. Containers are the “Fastest Growing Cloud Enabling Technology” By 2020,

    more than 50% of global organizations will be running containers in production. -Gartner Title source: 451 Research 2017 24B PULLS
  7. Static Website ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Web Frontend ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Background Workers ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? User DB ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Analytics DB ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Queue ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Desktop Test/QA Cluster Production Cluster Public Cloud Data Center Mainframe Windows Server Edge Device The “Matrix from Hell” Breeds Complexity
  8. The “Matrix from Hell” Breeds Complexity Static Website ? ?

    ? ? ? ? ? Web Frontend ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Background Workers ? ? ? ? ? ? ? User DB ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Analytics DB ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Queue ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Desktop Test/QA Cluster Production Cluster Public Cloud Data Center Mainframe Windows Server Edge Device — Containers Cut Complexity
  9. Maintenance and Complexity Drains the Budget, So Innovation Suffers *

    Average number infrastructures in the enterprise (on-prem and cloud) ** Forrester, CIO and the emerging Digital Crisis, 2018 *** CloudPhysics, Global IT Data Lake Report, Q4, ‘16 Sources: IDC “The Cost of Retaining Aging IT Infrastructure”, RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report Stalled Initiatives • Modernizing legacy apps • Cloud migration • Server consolidation • Faster s/w time to market 8+ IT Silos* 1000’s of apps <20% server utilization*** IT demands increasing! ! 60% of CIOs say “We’re behind in digital transformation”** INNOVATION 20% MAINTENANCE 80%
  10. Server Hypervisor App App App App O/S OS OS OS

    Containers Can Raise Utilization and Cut Infrastructure Costs Advantage #1: Infrastructure Containers Expand Budgets by Delivering Savings Server Hypervisor OS OS OS OS App App App App Multiple Operating Systems Lower Server Utilization “Docker” Engine App App App App App App App App App App App App OS VM and OS Licenses Server Count Power, Space, Cooling Admin Reducin g
  11. 450+ Build Their Containerization Strategy with Docker Enterprise Edition Financial

    Services Healthcare & Science Tech Oil & Gas / Energy Insurance Public Sector
  12. Docker allows GSK to support a multitude of tools, technologies

    and interfaces. Ranjith Raghunath, GlaxoSmithKline Docker helped us achieve a much better security position. Jan Hedstrom, Assa Abloy …Everyone wants to work with Docker and it’s a change of mindset in the company. Thomas Boussardon, Societe Generale Only Docker Delivers All Three Core Enterprise Requirements • Your app in any cloud, including Hybrid • No lock-in • Risk mitigation • Use Docker native tools … or almost any you prefer Choice Security Agility • Governance • Chain of custody • Role-based access control • Threat scanning • Standardized and unified operations • Dev to Ops consistency • Rapid Delivery and response • Cost efficiency Docker EE Ensures Choice, Security and Agility
  13. To Enable Your Key IT Initiatives Modernize Software Supply Chain

    Modernize Existing or “Traditional” Applications (“MTA”) Cloud Strategies Avoiding lock-in Reduce Data Center Expenses Faster Application Development and Delivery
  14. With an Enterprise-Ready Container Platform Support and Certification Automation Governance

    Security • Threat Scanning • Controlled Code Deployment • Encryption • Secrets Mgmt • Image Mgmt • Support for 3rd party security • Role-based access control (RBAC) • Policy Mgmt • App Config Mgmt • Forensic Image History • Controlled Code Deployment • Orchestration • Built-in app reliability/High Avail. • Policy-based automation • Auto healing • Enterprise-grade support • Certified Plug-ins and Infrastructure • Certified ISV apps • Certified professionals Server OS App Docker Engine
  15. Docker Enterprise Edition Enables All Application Types Enable a uniform

    management and security model for any app across an infrastructure Traditional Microservices ISV apps Big Data ML AI ...more Edge & IoT Cloud VM Bare Metal Edge Device Docker Platform
  16. Docker adds Kubernetes support Customers asked Docker: • To have

    both Swarm and Kubernetes available for the pockets within their organizations that are using it • To make Kubernetes easier to manage • For a Docker Dev to Ops experience with Kubernetes • For advanced capabilities of Docker EE around the secure software supply chain, high availability, and automation for Kubernetes • To make Kubernetes management available across Windows, multiple Linux distros, and clouds Continuation of Docker’s strategy of extending the Docker EE platform for maximum choice PLUGINS Mainframe Windows PLATFORMS ORCHESTRATORS
  17. Seamless Integration of Kubernetes to Docker Enterprise Edition Docker EE

    is designed to support multiple orchestrators: • EE Manager Nodes are both Swarm managers and Kubernetes masters to enable high availability • Every worker node is both Kubernetes API- and Swarm API-ready • One management plane driving: ◦ Secure software supply chain ◦ Secure multi-tenancy ◦ Secure and highly available node management Kubelet Secure Cluster Management (Swarm-Based) App Scheduler Swarm Kubernetes OR Kubelet Docker Nodes Kubelet Kubelet Docker EE Orchestration
  18. By supporting both Swarm and Kubernetes orchestration, Docker EE brings

    all applications to the same platform Enterprise Applications + SOA Web Apps/ 12-factor Microservices SWARM KUBERNETES DOCKER ENTERPRISE EDITION
  19. Docker for Mac / Docker for Windows adds Kubernetes option

    • Same Docker developer workflow used by millions • Developers have freedom to build Swarm- or Kubernetes-based applications on a local machine with the same tool • Nothing new to install, no change for existing Docker developers
  20. Docker Delivers a Consistent Experience from Dev to Ops 27

    DEVELOPERS IT OPERATIONS Managed by Docker EE On-Prem Cloud Docker for Mac Docker for Windows Any App, Any Format • Separation of concerns - keeping Dev and Ops aligned on responsibilities • Same operating model across different app types and infrastructure platforms
  21. Learn Docker: Bday #5 Hands-On-Labs March 2018 • Docker 101

    - Linux • Docker 101 - Windows Description: intro to Docker on Linux or Windows that takes you through the basics of the platform, building your first containers, and deploying them in an orchestration system. Learning Outcome: You’ll come out understanding the basics of Docker and orchestration.
  22. Learn Docker: Bday #5 Hands-On-Labs • Kubernetes on Docker for

    Mac and Docker for Windows Description: Covers the basics of using Kubernetes on Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows. Learning Outcome: Understanding of basic concepts of Kubernetes and how to create your cluster on your desktop. • Modernizing Traditional Java Apps • Modernizing Traditional .NET / Windows Apps Description: Take a traditional, Java EE or ASP.NET monolithic application and containerize it. Then break out a few pieces to have a more modern, modular deployment of the application built on Docker EE. Learning Outcome: Understand of the basics of application modernization and Docker EE.
  23. Learn Docker: Bday #5 Hands-On-Labs • Deploying Multi-OS applications with

    Docker EE Description: Deploy and refactor a traditional Java application on Linux, into a microservice application, some of the services in in Java on Linux, some in .NET on Windows, and deploy the application on a hybrid Docker Enterprise Edition cluster with Linux and Windows nodes. Learning Outcome: People who take this lab will learn the basics of the Docker EE platform including secure images and orchestration using both Swarm and Kubernetes.
  24. Get Started Now play-with-docker! github.com/dockersamples/docker-fifth-birthday Join the slack channel -

    #5th-bday - on the Docker Community Slack team! (for a slack invite register here: https://community.docker.com)
  25. Don’t miss the container industry event of the year! Register

    now: https://2018.dockercon.com/ Special 10% Discount Code: BIRTHDAY10 *good for full conference passes only Check out the Docker blog for an early preview of the agenda: https://blog.docker.com
  26. Get Docker Certified! Continue your learning journey and set yourself

    apart Go to http://success.docker.com/certification