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Scaling Your eCommerce with Vue Storefront

Egwuenu Gift
September 03, 2020

Scaling Your eCommerce with Vue Storefront

Building e-commerce applications doesn't have to be as tedious as managing a monolithic architecture where all components are stored in a single codebase. Vue StoreFront is a decoupled headless eCommerce solution you can leverage with benefits including a PWA and 100% offline support. In this talk, I'll cover how Vue StoreFront can help you build more resilient eCommerce applications.

Egwuenu Gift

September 03, 2020

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  1. Scaling your eCommerce with Vue Storefront HEADLESS COMMERCE SUMMIT 2020

  2. Hi! Gift Egwuenu Frontend Developer at Passionate People @lauragift_ giftegwuenu.com

    2 @lauragift_
  3. Scaling your eCommerce with Vue Storefront 3 @lauragift_

  4. eCommerce platforms built with Monolithic architecture requires high cost of

    maintenance and effort expended in development. How can we leverage modern solutions that'll yield quicker results and help solve challenging eCommerce industry problems. What’s the problem? 4 @lauragift_
  5. Vue Storefront Vue Storefront is an open-source Headless PWA storefront

    for your eCommerce with a possibility to connect with any eCommerce backend. 5 @lauragift_
  6. vuestorefront.io 6 @lauragift_

  7. Modern Tech Stack 7 @lauragift_

  8. Key Features 8 Platform Agnostic 100% Offline Mode, Mobile Friendly,

    Native app features. PWA Support Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce. MIT Licenced and free to use with great community support. Open Source 1 2 3 8 @lauragift_
  9. Vue Storefront Architecture 9 9 @lauragift_

  10. Vue Storefront Architecture 10 10 @lauragift_ Backend Platform Elasticsearch Data

  11. Core This acts as a glue for all the features

    that allow Vue Storefront to work. It contains all the entry points, SSR behavior, build process, in-app libs and helpers. Modules Modules are eCommerce features (cart, wishlist, catalog) you can use only the features you need. Themes No limitations on theming, fully customizable default theme. able to extend all the logic and add your HTML markup and styles. 11 Core Concepts VSF Core & VSF Module & VSF Theme = Fully Configured eCommerce Experience @lauragift_
  12. Getting Started Vue Storefront CLI @lauragift_ 12

  13. @lauragift_ 13

  14. Vue Storefront Next 14 A new architecture based on Vue

    Composition API from Vue.js 3 and Nuxt.js Complete rewrite from previous version to make integration with 3rd party services seamless and improve developer experience. @lauragift_
  15. Shopify Shopware 15 3rd Party Integrations @lauragift_ Stryker Commercetools

  16. Ecosystem of tools @lauragift_ 16

  17. “Headless Commerce alleviates the pain point by allowing for faster

    go to market with a significantly lower total cost of ownership.” 17 — BigCommerce (State of the eCommerce platforms) @lauragift_
  18. 80+ Projects Built with Vue Storefront @lauragift_ 18 vuestorefront.io/live-projects

  19. Twitter: @lauragift_ 19 Thank you! giftegwuenu.com