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One Rule to Rule Them All: Learning in Public

Egwuenu Gift
September 23, 2021

One Rule to Rule Them All: Learning in Public

As developers, we already know we have to stay learning to keep up to date with the latest in the industry. How do you find the most efficient way to learn new things?
In this talk, we'll explore different learning techniques that you can use to learn new concepts with a core focus on Learning In Public and why it's a proven technique that works.

Egwuenu Gift

September 23, 2021

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  1. Learning in Public One Rule to Rule Them All: Gift

    Egwuenu Frontend Consultant at Passionate People CODELAND CONF 2021 September 24th, Online
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  3. a front-end developer and tech content creator. Get to know

    me Gift Egwuenu, Gift Egwuenu, I'm
  4. The case for learning and need to stay up to

    date. Keynote Agenda Learning Techniques Feyman's Technique, Spaced Repetition, Learning In Public. Learning In Public The What, Why, and How.

  6. Image credit: The Washington Post

  7. Learning Techniques Everyone has different ways of learning that works

    for them, figuring the best technique is key in finding an efficient way to learn new things.
  8. Image credit: nesslabs.com The Real Truth About Learning Anything

  9. Exploring Learning Techniques Feynman's Technique 01 01 02 02 Guided

    and Unguided Learning 03 03 Spaced Repetition 04 04 Learning In Public
  10. The Feynman's Technique In this technique, you explain a concept

    you're learning to yourself in a simple way to find gaps in your knowledge. Choose a subject to study Pretend to explain it to a child Identify gaps in your explanation and return to the source Simplify your explanation and create a story.
  11. Guided and Unguided Learning Guided learning follows a path (tutorials,

    courses, video), on the other hand, Unguided learning stems from learning from different resources(docs, building from scratch) without a known path.
  12. Spaced Repetition Leitner System In action

  13. ncase.me/remember

  14. The one Rule to Rule all of them Learning in

  15. The fastest way to learn, build your career. and grow,

  16. Learn In Public Essay Shawn SWYX Wang

  17. Kent C. Dodds Thoughts on Learning Josh Comeau On How

    to Learn Quickly
  18. 01 01 03 03 05 05 02 02 04 04

    06 06 Write Blogs and Tutorials Speak at Meetup / Conference Ask and Answers Questions on Stackoverflow or Reddit Videos on Twitch / Youtube Start a newsletter Making Zines, Sketchnotes, Cartoons
  19. Let's see some examples

  20. Learning In Public on Twitter

  21. Programming Zines - Julia Evans

  22. Sketchnotes by @Nitya: Cloud Skills Visualized

  23. Learn with Jason Sessions

  24. Youtube Videos on My Channel

  25. Why it works? There's a proven success rate from actively

    learning in public. The 1% Rule The Cunningham's Law Build Connections
  26. “The impulse to keep to yourself what you have learned

    is not only shameful, it is destructive. Anything you do not give freely and abundantly becomes lost to you. You open your safe and find ashes.” —Annie Dillard
  27. Share Your Trade Secrets

  28. Learn, Then Teach

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