Google I/O 2017 Constraint Layout

Google I/O 2017 Constraint Layout

What is new about Constraint Layout.


Laurence de Villers

June 01, 2017


  1. Laurence de Villers +LaurencedeVillers Constraintlayout is now the default layout!

    GDG Montreal Android
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  4. Advantage Expressive way to create Layouts Flat Layouts ( more

    efficient ) Easy for animations. Text Alignment Compatible with 99% of Android Devices ( API level 9 )
  5. Recap

  6. ConstraintLayout 1.0 Relative positioning Center positioning and bias Guidelines Ratio

  7. Chains Provide group-like behaviour in a single direction . The

    other axis is not constrained by it.
  8. ConstraintSet

  9. GOOGLE I/O → 1.1.0 beta 1

  10. Barriers Set a maximum or a minimum to the edge.

  11. Group Regroupment of view/widget to be able to set and

    modify all the group.
  12. Placeholder Virtual place view that set it content to an

    other view.
  13. Tools → Full inspector → Slice of Data

  14. Where to start Code lab :

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