LDNWebPerf March 2017 - Dean Hume

LDNWebPerf March 2017 - Dean Hume

As web developers, we’ve never been luckier. We have amazing technologies such as HTTP/2, Progressive Web Apps, and easy access to the Cloud, just to name a few. With these technologies at our fingertips, we are able to build fast, engaging and resilient web apps for our users.

At Settled, we set out to build a new dashboard for our customers using the features of Progressive Web Apps and HTTP/2. We wanted to build an offline-first application that allowed our users to quickly and easily access their information on the go regardless of their network connection. We noticed an immediate change; our users spent twice as long on the site, they consumed 15x less data, and enjoyed a 3x faster load times. In this presentation, we’ll cover our journey and the lessons that we learnt along the way as well as many real-world, practical tips that you can use when building your own web apps.