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Traversing the Montréal Métro with Python

Traversing the Montréal Métro with Python

I rode the entire Montréal Métro in 172 minutes. I'm not sure how helpful these slides will be, but they may help you relive some of my favorite jokes. The source code is at https://github.com/leafstorm/montreal-metro, and you can find a log of my journey at http://goo.gl/2nerjm. (It has lots of notes!)

Matthew Frazier

April 11, 2014

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  1. Traversing the Montréal Métro with Python Matthew Frazier / @LeafStorm

    April 11, 2014
  2. NYC Subway Challenge World Record: 26h21m08s

  3. Atlanta?

  4. Washington DC?

  5. Baltimore?

  6. Montréal!

  7. My Program github.com /leafstorm /montreal-metro

  8. My Métro Text File Yellow Frequency 5 Yellow Berri-UQAM Longueil

    5 Orange Frequency 4 Orange Côte-Vertu Snowdon 8 Orange Snowdon Lionel-Groulx 7 Orange Lionel-Groulx Berri-UQAM 9 Orange Berri-UQAM Jean-Talon 8 Orange Jean-Talon Montmorency 12
  9. My Métro Graph

  10. Algorithms • Minimum spanning tree • Eulerian path • Travelling

    salesman problem • BRUTE FORCE!!!
  11. One of Eight Paths In 168 minutes: [ 0m +

    10m] Ride from Angrignon to Lionel-Groulx on Green (direction Honoré-Beaugrand) [ 10m + 9m] Ride from Lionel-Groulx to Berri-UQAM on Green (direction Honoré-Beaugrand) [ 19m + 5m] Transfer at Berri-UQAM to Yellow (direction Longueil) [ 24m + 5m] Ride from Berri-UQAM to Longueil on Yellow (direction Longueil) [ 29m + 5m] Turn around at Longueil on Yellow (direction Berri-UQAM) [ 34m + 5m] Ride from Longueil to Berri-UQAM on Yellow (direction Berri-UQAM) [ 39m + 4m] Transfer at Berri-UQAM to Orange (direction Montmorency) [ 43m + 8m] Ride from Berri-UQAM to Jean-Talon on Orange (direction Montmorency) [ 51m + 12m] Ride from Jean-Talon to Montmorency on Orange (direction Montmorency) [ 63m + 4m] Turn around at Montmorency on Orange (direction Côte-Vertu) [ 67m + 12m] Ride from Montmorency to Jean-Talon on Orange (direction Côte-Vertu) [ 79m + 5m] Transfer at Jean-Talon to Blue (direction Saint-Michel) [ 84m + 5m] Ride from Jean-Talon to Saint-Michel on Blue (direction Saint-Michel) [ 89m + 5m] Turn around at Saint-Michel on Blue (direction Snowdon) [ 94m + 5m] Ride from Saint-Michel to Jean-Talon on Blue (direction Snowdon) [ 99m + 9m] Ride from Jean-Talon to Snowdon on Blue (direction Snowdon) [108m + 4m] Transfer at Snowdon to Orange (direction Côte-Vertu) [112m + 8m] Ride from Snowdon to Côte-Vertu on Orange (direction Côte-Vertu) [120m + 4m] Turn around at Côte-Vertu on Orange (direction Montmorency) [124m + 8m] Ride from Côte-Vertu to Snowdon on Orange (direction Montmorency) [132m + 7m] Ride from Snowdon to Lionel-Groulx on Orange (direction Montmorency) [139m + 9m] Ride from Lionel-Groulx to Berri-UQAM on Orange (direction Montmorency) [148m + 5m] Transfer at Berri-UQAM to Green (direction Honoré-Beaugrand) [153m + 15m] Ride from Berri-UQAM to Honoré-Beaugrand on Green (direction Honoré-Beaugrand)
  12. Angrignon - 16h21

  13. Honoré-Beaugrand - 17h13

  14. The World Record 172 minutes

  15. Merci Matthew Frazier @LeafStorm github.com /leafstorm /montreal-metro Special thanks: Anton

    Dubrau CBSA/ASFC