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FRU Kathmandu: Progressive Web Apps - Write Once Run Everywhere

FRU Kathmandu: Progressive Web Apps - Write Once Run Everywhere

Slide from Frontend Re-United Kathmandu.
Date: May 18, 2019

Progressive Web Apps provide an installable, app-like experience on desktop and mobile that are built and delivered directly via the web. Learn about PWAs basics and its components and how people are slowing moving towards PWAs over Native applications. Your website is your application!


Leapfrog Technology

May 18, 2019


  1. Progressive Web Apps “Write once run everywhere” Anish Krishna Manandhar

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  4. Downside of Native Apps • High Development and Maintenance cost

    • High Acquisition and installation cost • Reaching to larger audience by SEO is difficult
  5. Downsides of Mobile Web • Apps reliability due to slow

    mobile network • User experience like smoothness, animation • No offline Experience • Low in engagement(no push notification) • No deeper integration to device hardware
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  8. What makes PWA like Native? • Web Manifest • Service

    Workers • App Shell Model
  9. Web Manifest + = + =

  10. Service Worker

  11. See push notifications Triggers more Engagement Push messages Service Worker

  12. App Shell Model

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  15. Success Stories

  16. Load time reduced from 11.91 SECONDS to 4.69 SECONDS 90%

    SMALLER than Tinder Native App
  17. Takes less than 3 SECONDS to load even on 2G

  18. 65% increase in pages per session 75% in Tweets 20%

    decrease in bounce rate
  19. Limitations VAR (2019 May web updates) Wake lock (2018 Dec

    web updates) https://whatwebcando.today/
  20. Enhancements PRPL - 50 Pattern

  21. Enhancements... Hybrid Rendering Strategy (SSR + CSR)

  22. Enhancements... Use of Lighthouse

  23. Enhancements….


  25. THANK YOU !!!