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Why Haskell can save your life

Why Haskell can save your life

Slides for a lightning talk on Haskell:
- examples of how expensive software bugs could be
- why having a bug in your application could be fatal
- why is Haskell good at eliminating bugs


May 07, 2016

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  1. Why Haskell can save your life?

  2. What is the cost of software errors?

  3. NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter A Bug = $327 Million

  4. EDS Child Support System A Bug = $440 Million

  5. The Intel’s Pentium bug

  6. Intel has given Pentium BUG key chains as gifts to

    the employees to remind them how expensive a BUG could be.
  7. Ariane 5 rocket self destruction A Bug = $370 Million

  8. Knight Capital Trading Glitch $440 Million

  9. Software bugs cost the US economy $59.5 billion every year.

  10. This is your manager when you have introduced a million

    dollar bug...
  11. The Big Boss after you have introduced a million dollar

  12. What happens to a developer with a million dollar bug?


  14. Why Haskell is going to save your life?

  15. Haskell is a functional programming language that will open your

    mind for a new way of thinking. Haskell will expand your vision and will make you a better developer.
  16. Haskell is like the summer rain - it will clear

    your mind of all non-functionall impurities.
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  18. Why learning Haskell is good for you?

  19. It is highly unlikely that you will find a job

    doing Haskell. BUT learning Haskell will make you a better developer.
  20. Why is Haskell good at eliminating BUGS ?

  21. Bug Eliminator #1 Static typing

  22. Static typing gives earlier feedback on whether or not the

    code meets the requirements that can be expressed by the type system.
  23. Bug Eliminator #2 Sophisticated type system

  24. Haskell’s type checker catches most of the bugs that happen

    at runtime in other languages.
  25. The Maybe type in Haskell: data Maybe a = Nothing

    | Just a
  26. Bug Eliminator #3 Immutability

  27. Haskell is a pure functional programming language and state and

    side effects are modeled using “Monads”.
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  30. Bug Eliminator #4 Isolation

  31. In Haskell Monads are used to create imperative style computational

    structures which remain isolated from the main body of the functional program.
  32. A function to read from a file using the IO

    monad readFile :: FilePath -> IO String
  33. Bug Eliminator #5 Property based testing

  34. Haskell has excellent support for property based testing implemented in

    the QuickCheck library.
  35. Learn Haskell (It may save your life)