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The Blockchain revolution

The Blockchain revolution

Slides for a lightning talk on the Blockchain revolution:
- what is a Blockchain
- why will it change the world
- what can you do in order to participate in the Blockchain revolution


August 03, 2017

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  1. The BlockChain Revolution Lenko Donchev Twitter: @lenkodonchev

  2. What is the BlockChain revolution? • Something that you don’t

    want to miss • The BlockChain revolution will change the world • A Bank in your pocket: no counterparty risk. No Middle man. Just you and your money. Cryptographically secured Bank in your pocket. • Be your own Government - print money at home by mining it • Send money to friends and family with very low fees • Built in inflation protection - limited supply • Send value over communications channel (something like e-mailing a gold coin) • Solves the distributed consensus problem
  3. BlockChain - A Chain of Blocks • Immutable data structure

    similar to a linked list • Cryptographic fingerprints • Append only • Links to previous blocks • The fingerprints are easy to verify but hard to generate (something like a one way function) • Generating the fingerprints is very computationally intensive. This difficulty is what makes the network secure.
  4. How to participate in the Blockchain revolution? • Buy cryptocurrencies

    • Mine cryptocurrencies (print money at home) • Stake cryptocurrencies (print money at home) • Participate in ICOs(Initial Coin Offerings) (lose money at home) • Contribute to Open Source Cryptocurrency projects • Participate in Air Drops. Free money (ByteBall, Stellar Lumens, BitCore)
  5. Print Money at Home (Cryptocurrency mining) Fantomcoin (FCN) Bytecoin (BCN)

    DigitalNote (XDN) PIVX BitBean
  6. Participate in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) (Lose Money at Home)

    Tezos BOSCoin • Similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) • Some are scams • High chance of losing money
  7. Participate in Open Source BlockChain projects IOHK Cardano - Haskell

    Tezos - oCaml
  8. The BlockChain Revolution Give it a Try!