Free Dental SoftWare DentalTap

Free Dental SoftWare DentalTap

DentalTap is a Free Dental Cloud Based Software for solo dentists, clinics and large dental practices. You can work from any device, access information from any device at any time. We have all the tools that you need in your daily workflow – office management, practice management, and communications. DentalTap helps you increase efficiency by patient automation (CRM), treatment planning, collaboration, invoices and payments, inventory management, access control for users, data reports and insights.

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Lesha Kalachnikov

April 12, 2019


  1. DentalTap Transform your daily dental practice with the fresh Practice

    Management Software.
  2. “I will help you get started faster, and execute your

    ideas, new features for DentalTap.” “I will help you make sure you have good ROI after purchasing our software.” “I will invite you to test our innovative features and join our offline events.” Yaroslav Alexey Mary 250,000 Treatments 1,900 Dentists & Clinics 12 Countries
  3. Scheduling & Patient Management Calendar, Tasks, Multiple locations, Recalls, Reminders,

    Treatment planning, Patient Consent Forms Billing & Revenue management Online Patient Portal & Payments, Analytics, Smart Payment Reminders Warehouse & inventory Price list, Inventory, Analytics, Easy management
  4. “We scaled our clinic from solo to 6 dentists, thanks

    to the latest update for large clinics.” @dentospas Suitable for medium and large practices Free, daily software updates, major updates every quarter
  5. “I can see everything on my mobile phone and schedule

    patients from anywhere.” @dr.chumara Mobile support, tablets and phones Access from anywhere as a cloud based
  6. “It’s very easy to get started. DentalTap team helped me

    with data import as well.” @drmariatpau Easy to use and get started Data import and migration from other software
  7. “I started making more money with DentalTap, compared to my

    practice back two years ago.” @DentalBrothers Increase your practice revenue Build a strong partnership
  8. DentalTap is not just a Software 1. Sale 2. Support

    1. Sale 2. Support 3.GROWTH When you buying from another Dental Software company When you buying software from DentalTap company
  9. What is the growth means? We care about your Dental

    Business, even after the sale process. We can help you with this, but not limited to: - Customize DentalTap for your needs - Find the right people to your clinic - Get discounts and recommendations for dental suppliers - Improve and your clinic brand online through social media - Invite you to participate with us on dental events Alexey Digital marketing and growth
  10. $0 Freemium Get started and use for free up to

    100 patients records $20 Solo practice Ideal fit for solo dental practices and small offices Up to $200 Clinic For dental clinics of different size & shape How much this costs?
  11. Let’s get started! Chat with me: Send an

    email: Sign up to get started by yourself: