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What's new in LINE Platform & LINE API Ecosystem Overview

What's new in LINE Platform & LINE API Ecosystem Overview

LINE Thailand Developer Conference 2019

LINE Developers

June 04, 2019

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  1. JIRAWAT KARANWITTAYAKARN Technology Evangelist LINE Thailand What’s New in LINE

    Platform 2019
  2. 60K Bots

  3. None
  4. LINE Messaging API

  5. Migration of [email protected] Account Developer Trial Free Mid of June

  6. LINE Official Account Manager https://manager.line.biz

  7. Rich Menu Link and Unlink Rich menus to multiple users

    up to 150 user IDs
  8. Broadcast Message API

  9. Broadcast Message API HTTP Request POST https://api.line.me/v2/bot/message/broadcast Headers Content-Type application/json

    Authorization Bearer {channel access token} Body Messages Array of message objects notificationDisabled true|false(optional)
  10. Get usage APIs Get number of reply messages / day

    Get number of push messages / day Get number of multicast messages / day Get number of sent broadcast / day Get number of sent messages / month Get the target limit messages / month https://developers.line.biz/en/reference/messaging-api/#get-quota
  11. Destination Property { "destination": "xxxxxxxxxx", "events": [{ "replyToken": "0f3779fba...", "type":

    "message", "source": { "userId": "U4af4980629..." }, "message": { "type": "text", "text": "Hello World!” } }] } API
  12. Imagemap Video is supported

  13. New Webhook Events Message event Text, Image, Video, Audio, File,

    Location, Sticker Follow event Bot is added or unblocked Unfollow event Bot is blocked Join event Bot joins a group or room Leave event Bot leave a group or room Member join event User joins a group or room Member leave event User leaves a group or room Postback event User performs a postback action Beacon event User enters or leaves the range Account link event User has linked his/her LINE account with a provider's service account Device link event LINE Things device has been linked with LINE by a user operation Device unlink event LINE Things device has been unlinked from LINE by a user operation
  14. Member join/leave payload { "replyToken": "0f3779fba3...", "type": "memberJoined", "timestamp": 1462629479859,

    "source": { "type": "group", "groupId": "C4af4980629..." }, "joined": { "members": [ { "type": "user", "userId": "U91eeaf62d9..." } ] } } { "type": "memberLeft", "timestamp": 1462629479960, "source": { "type": "group", "groupId": "C4af4980629..." }, "left": { "members": [ { "type": "user", "userId": "U4af4980629..." } ] } }
  15. Member Join Event Get webhook payload when a user joins

    group or room
  16. Flex Message is supported in LINE Bot Designer

  17. LINE Bot Designer

  18. LINE Front-End Framework

  19. Consent Screen Reappear if user doesn’t allow “Send messages to

    chats” service
  20. LINE for iPad LIFF is supported

  21. https://developers.line.biz/en/docs/liff/developing-liff-apps/#getting-access-token const accessToken = liff.getAccessToken();

  22. LIFF 2.0

  23. QR Code Scanner Recognize and parse QR Code data back

    to your LIFF app.
  24. New useful functions • QR Code scanner • Supported in

    desktop • Define scopes • Acquire friends • Get OS • Is in LIFF? • Is logged in? • More…
  25. LINE Login

  26. LINE SDK 5.0 Swift Java Objective-C Last Version

  27. LINE Login and Social API v2.1 are supported • User’s

    email permission • Enabling the bot link feature with the SDK
 (Bot Prompt)
  28. QR Code Login

  29. LINE SDK 1.0 for Unity

  30. What’s Next

  31. None
  32. FREE! Online course is available Today https://www.skooldio.com

  33. None
  34. LINE Certified Coach for API Qualification Responsibilities Benefits Educate SMEs

    on API knowledge and advise on business opportunity with LINE OA Contribute OA/API content Spokesperson OA Knowledge API Knowledge Invitations to exclusive events Get latest LINE update Acknowledgement by LINE Registration: Now - 31 May