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How to build your open source project

How to build your open source project

by Evan Lin invited by DSC Summer Camp on 2021/08/20


LINE Developers Taiwan

August 20, 2021


  1. 手把手教導你如何建置開源專案 LINE Developer Relations Evan Lin 2021.08

  2. Evan Lin • LINE Taiwan Developer Relations Events Organizer •

    LINE Taiwan Engineering Culture • GDE in Go LINE Technology Evangelist
  3. None
  4. 10 週年

  5. None
  6. Open Source projects in LINE … and so on

  7. Who Am I? (Github) https://github.com/kkdai

  8. How to create a popular open source project •Find a

    great idea. •Well documentation •Well workflow •Find your first contributor •Promote it !! Promote it !! Promote it !!
  9. How to create a popular open source project

  10. Well Documentation https://github.com/kkdai/youtube Don’t copy and paste from the best

  11. Well Workflow (CI/CD) https://github.com/kkdai/photomgr

  12. Find your first contributor https://github.com/kkdai/youtube

  13. Find your first contributor https://github.com/kkdai/youtube

  14. Promote on HN

  15. Find A Great Idea

  16. How to find your idea?

  17. Find A Great Idea (cont.)

  18. Writing everything, everything in Go https://github.com/kkdai/project52

  19. Practice an algorithm or data structure https://github.com/kkdai/skiplist

  20. Write A SDK https://github.com/kkdai/mstranslator

  21. 10 週年

  22. 例子:字串比對演算法 (KMP) https://github.com/kkdai/kmp

  23. 例子:寫一篇介紹 KMP 的文章 https://www.evanlin.com/about-kmp/

  24. 另外一個例子:流浪動物 Bot https://www.evanlin.com/petsneedme-helping-adoption-pet/

  25. 小工商: LINE Bot 原理

  26. 五分鐘打造你的 LINE Bot •Request channel for LINE Bot •Deploy LINE

    Bot server on Heroku •Change related setting on Channel •Go ! Online (video) •How to modify it? (video)
  27. 開源專案 (side project) 對找工作有沒有用?

  28. LINE TECH FRESH https://engineering.linecorp.com/zh-hant/blog/line-tech-fresh-2020-graduate/ 28

  29. None
  30. https://engineering.linecorp.com/zh-hant/blog/category/conf-sharing/

  31. On Job Training

  32. https://engineering.linecorp.com/zh-hant/blog/line-taiwan-internal-hackathon-2020/ Internal Hackathon

  33. LINE FRESH https://lin.ee/oACosNH/yltz/DevOA

  34. None
  35. Q&A https://github.com/kkdai/AMA