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Software Licensing: A Minefield Guide

Software Licensing: A Minefield Guide

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  1. MIT

  2. Come up with the name Check if it is in

    use If not you’re good ® and ™ aren’t required
  3. de jure illegal in Ukraine de facto legal in the

    US thus de facto legal in Ukraine, too!
  4. You work at X and write code Ukraine: you are

    the (co-)author US: X is an author
  5. You have no right to change website copyright year on

    January 1st if site content didn’t change
  6. US if no terms are defined in the contract you

    give copyright to the company
  7. 1. Just share the code 2. Fame and Recognition 3.

    Guarantee contributions 4. Allow double-licensing 5. Force OpenSource
  8. CC0

  9. Apache All contributors share patents Only the ones that they

    have Ones that are required Common defence pool
  10. GPLv2 GPLv2 or later GPLv3 AGPL AGPL or later AGPLv3

    with Classpath Exception with Linking Exception …
  11. CLA

  12. License notice in each file Licences in minified JS Licenses

    for all deps AUTHORS file CLA/DSO/Pledge
  13. “Yes, I know you’ll forget to put my name and

    license into a final build, and that’s OK”