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Managing Managers - DevTalks iHUB

Managing Managers - DevTalks iHUB

How to stay efficient as an engineer in small flat distributed company

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  1. None
  2. Как управлять компанией, не привлекая внимания HR-отдела

  3. @listochkin

  4. American Company 10-50 people

  5. US Office Sales Product Customer Support Engineering

  6. Ukraine Office Engineering Customer Support Product

  7. Move Fast and Break Things

  8. Flat Organization

  9. “No Managers”

  10. No Titles

  11. Meaningless Titles

  12. Chief Product Development Officer

  13. “One of our Marketing people”

  14. Important but you won’t be fired if you ignore them

    for half-a-year
  15. Lead Platform Developer-in-Test

  16. They write autotests and draw metric charts

  17. They have to suffer Got “Lead” so they don’t quit

  18. No real hierarchy No process

  19. Ad-hoc Teams

  20. None
  21. Graph Theory

  22. “Managers” Shortest Distance

  23. “Engineers” Maximum Flow

  24. How long will it take?

  25. Find the implementer Question directly

  26. Find other leads Get estimate

  27. Get the minimal estimation Pressure the implementer

  28. Rule 1 When asked about others’ work give very high

  29. When will it be done?

  30. List your tasks Tell your priorities

  31. 1 Production issues 2 Blocker for other engineers 3 Owner’s

    pet project 4 Top task for the most important customer
  32. My task is the most important!

  33. Send them to talk to other stakeholders

  34. “Can you handle that yourself?”

  35. Nope

  36. Chaos is inevitable

  37. Talk more