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Using Design Systems to Grow Products

4fbcaee49ec7f13d47ae012dc7c9226a?s=47 Luke Patton
August 17, 2017

Using Design Systems to Grow Products

How can you extend the reach of a small software team? Scale your product offerings, best practices and philosophies using a design system.


Luke Patton

August 17, 2017


  1. Growing Products LET’S TALK ABOUT

  2. DoSomething.org is a not-for-profit tech company.

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  4. The Team

  5. The Team

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  7. The Team

  8. Forge

  9. But what does it do?

  10. Scaling Design

  11. Scaling Engineering

  12. Rogue

  13. Rogue

  14. Stretch, scale and multiply

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