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"Hungry" - Beatboard

"Hungry" - Beatboard

Rhys Blackmore

February 28, 2023

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  1. Scene 4 Dialog "Oh, I'm so hungry. Not a bite

    to eat all day..." Action Notes A can suddenly hits his head, Duke turns to see his bully, Ward.
  2. Scene 5 Dialog "...Come and take my pain away" Action

    Notes Duke runs inside to the safety of his hideout and breaks down in tears. Ward taunts him from outside.
  3. Scene 6 Dialog "Oh, I'm so thirsty. Not a drop

    to drink all day..." Action Notes Duke calms down and draws up a plan to enact his revenge on Ward.
  4. Scene 7 Dialog "That's why I'm hungry..." Action Notes Entering

    Duke's daydream of carrying out his plan, Ward flees towards a pitfall as Duke pelts him with cans.
  5. Scene 8 Dialog "...I could starve until my baby..." Action

    Notes Becoming more and more sinister... Duke is about to deal the finishing blow to a very wounded, and defenseless Ward.
  6. Scene 9 Dialog "...Come take my pain away" Action Notes

    Back to reality, Duke has gone insane from his vengeful fantasies... his hands covered in red crayon.