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Building a Brewery

Building a Brewery

At the October 2022 online meeting, Mick Harrison gave us an overview of how he's put together and installed his new home brewery.

London Amateur Brewers

October 16, 2022

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  1. Background  Homebrewing for over 40 years!  Owned a

    Brew-It-Yourself outlet in mid ‘90s  Garage brewery in old house  Licenced brewery with HMRC 2
  2. The Build 5  Original plan was to start the

    refit in January but building delays pushed everything back 6 months  Annex build allows for two must haves ◦ Dedicated electric supply for garage/brewery (10mm2) ◦ Proper brewery floor drainage and epoxy floor coating Date Action March New walls April Concrete floor/drainage May New stud wall between garage/brewery June Hygienic wall cladding & epoxy floor coating July/August Reinstall of brew kit incl. electric, plumbing September Test Brew ? October – done!
  3. The Build 7 Drainage and raised floor, part 1 Stud

    wall partition Hygienic Cladding Epoxy primer
  4. The Build 10 References: Flooring - https://www.resincoat.co.uk/en/floor-paint/545-resincoat- brewery-floor-coating.html Wall Cladding

    - https://www.hygienicplastic.co.uk/product/pvc-8-x-4-x- 2mm-2440-x-1220-x-2mm-white-wall-cladding/
  5. Equipment  Mains town water in via GAC filter to

    remove chlorine/chloramine  HLT - 100lt with 3kw heater and small recirc pump to keep even temperature Double layer camping mat insulation  Mash Tun - 100lt, perforated false bottom Double layer camping mat insulation  Boiler – Twin walled & insulated. 9kw heater but only use two of the elements  Plate heat exchange to cool hot wort  All control panels are DIY  Just added extractor and electric bug zapper! 11