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The Hello Bar Story

August 04, 2012

The Hello Bar Story

How we used the WordPress.org platform to build, grow, scale and sell Hello Bar. Presented at WordCamp San Francisco 2012. #WCSF


August 04, 2012

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  1. The Idea •  What experience do you want to deliver

    to each visitor?! •  "Damn, why didn’t I think of that!”" •  Flashy bars"
  2. The Prototype •  33 pixels of new real estate on

    the web" •  The Anti Pop-up" •  Prototype for SlideDeck.com! •  It worked – MVP time" •  30 days"
  3. The 30 Day Build •  Use  Plugins  to  build  your

     func:onality   •  Custom  post  types,  Plugin  API,  Shortcode   API,  post  meta   •  Use  the  WordPress  community  to  help  you   build  your  applica:on   •  Plugins  like  S2Member  for  turn  key  user   access  control,  page  access  control  as  well   as  free  and  paid  subscrip:ons  
  4. The 30 Day Build •  Beta  Key  Plugin   • 

    Control  growth  for  scaling   •  Create  air  of  exclusivity   •  Expansion  for  viral  sharing  and  growth  of   the  applica:on  
  5. Scaling •  Linux,  nginx,  MySQL,  PHP-­‐FPM  stack   •  Ac:ve

     file  caching  and  nginx  caching   systems  for  commonly  served  data   •  Spread  workload  to  mul:ple  servers   •  Memcached  +  Batcache  plugin   •  Don’t  forget  to  scale  your  applica:on’s   automa:on  so  you’re  freed  up  to  create   instead  of  just  maintain