Learning Coach Section Three

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August 14, 2012

Learning Coach Section Three



August 14, 2012


  1. 2.

    2 Learning Styles VAK Questionnaire Multiple Intelligences wheel According to

    Howard Gardner, ‘understandings involve a mix of mental representations, entailing different intelligences’. Gardner identifies at least seven intelligences, and it is now thought that there are at least eight. Try assessing your own balance of intelligences by completing the questionnaire
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    3 3 Turning anti-clockwise? Turning clockwise? The left side of

    your brain is dominant (most common). The right side of your brain is dominant (less common). Turning to the left or the right?
  3. 4.

    Left side Right side 4 Logical, details are important; facts

    rule; words and language are important; present and past; mathematics and science; need order; practical; prefer safety. Use feelings; need to know the whole picture; imagination rules; symbols and images are important; present and future; understand space and shape; believe; consider possibilities; prepared to take risks.
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    Consideration of Learning Styles  We are all different 

    We have different learning preferences  Teachers tend to have a preference for delivery  We need to be conscious that some pupils may not be ‘hard-wired’ to learn in the way that we deliver lessons  If we can adapt to deliver in a variety of styles, it is more likely that pupils will learn better 12