Introduction to Learning Coach Training

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August 14, 2012

Introduction to Learning Coach Training



August 14, 2012


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    Aims for the session  Explain the background to Learning

    Coaches in relation to Learning Pathways 14-19  Explain key functions of the learning coach role  Enjoy a taste of learning styles diagnosis  Consider how learning coaching relates to your working environment  Plan for reflection and evaluation of learning coaching 2 An introduction to the work of learning coaches
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    Learning Pathways 14-19 Guidance II 2006 Element Desciption Individual Learning

    Pathway Individually tailored leading to approved qualifications at the appropriate level at the right time to meet the needs of the learner Wider Choice and Flexibility Wider choice of relevant options from a range of domains, and greater flexibility to vary speed and direction of pathway The Learning Core Wider learning consisting of the skills, knowledge, understanding, values and experiences learners will need Learning Coach Entitlement to learning support: opportunity to discuss learning and progress on a regular basis Personal Support Access to personal support when needed: self-referral or by agreement with the learner, referral by someone else Careers Advice and Guidance Impartial careers advice and guidance to inform the individual’s Learning Pathway 3