ux mindshare

3d5dda7ecc1c799fece531917480d677?s=47 lou suSi
January 16, 2013

ux mindshare

some of my latest thoughts in mobile and user experience design — captured visually here in this deck, presented verbally at Mobiquity on January 16, 2013 at our bi-weekly UX Mindshare session

the storyline shifts, sways and follows 2 major threads:

• taking a vague idea, like 'mindsharing,' and responding through subconscious verbal and visual means — how do we share our thoughts? is it 'safe' to share everything we have on our mind at any given moment? is there any danger in trying to honestly let everything that comes to mind 'out' into a public conversation space
• what i would like to contribute to mobile and ubiquitous experience design — i take a quick inventory of how we normally perceive a typical mobile experience via easily found stock photography, this sort of solitary, lonely relationship we have with information through these tiny screens, experiences that bring some sense of joy at times, almost as if we're having a relationship with a little person in our hands, but also experiences that are 'mediated' through this ghost device space — and then i look to consider a different, less isolated way we might start to use our mobile devices, specifically using music, ensemble, jazz band and orchestra as a means to think about more collaborative, innovative possibilities for multi-device experiences in a present real-space


lou suSi

January 16, 2013


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