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E. Barrett

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October 11, 2013

E. Barrett

Used as sample ppt for 7th/8th grade language arts students to guide personal BOTB presentations at Colegio Interamericano in Guatemala City



October 11, 2013


  1. Ppt by Ms Barrett October, 2013

  2. THE GOOD EARTH Main Characters: Wang Lung, farmer O-lan, his

    wife Their five living children Wang Lung’s father, uncle and other relatives The wealthy Hwang family
  3. STRONG CHARACTER O-lan, the good wife, hard-worker  Faithful wife

     Strong mother  Resourceful cook  Decision-maker  Solid and uncomplaining  Reticent (few words)  Courageous dignity  The most memorable character in the story
  4. SETTING  China,  early 1900’s,  small town, 

    during drought and time of famine,  later during time of prosperity,  finally during the Chinese Workers’ Revolution
  5. POINT OF VIEW Third person limited (Wang Lung) Some important

    things for Wang:
  6. BRIEF SUMMARY OF PLOT Wang Lung is a poor young

    farmer in rural, turn-of-the-century China. During the time in which the novel takes place, Chinese society is showing signs of modernization while remaining deeply connected to ancient traditions and customs. Wealth from the land is most important. The story tells of his life from a young man, newly married until his death at an old age.
  7. CLIMAX  Several important events in life of Wang Lung

    and O-lan Birth of first son, second son, first daughter Time of drought and severe poverty Death of second baby daughter, birth of twins Steady growth of wealth for family Corruption of values on the part of Wang Lung Spends money unwisely, etc. Difficult influence of greedy uncle, nephew, etc.
  8. RESOLUTION O-lan becomes ill and dies Wang Lung realizes too

    late the value of his strong wife Wang Lung becomes old and dies Oldest sons do not value the land
  9. MAJOR THEME OR AUTHOR’S MESSAGE  Success is a mixed

    blessing  Nourishing power of the land.  Respect for nature.  Strong work ethic.
  10. MAJOR THEME CONTINUED…  Wealth and idleness corrupt  Wealth

    destroys traditional values Wang Lung becomes a wealthy landowner. He and his family, except his wife, O-lan, become indolent* and lose true family values. *indolent=having or showing a disposition to avoid exertion; being lazy
  11. MAJOR THEME CONTINUED…  Women in society  provide crucial

    economic contributions to their families  display admirable fortitude in preserving family values
  12. MY PERSONAL RESPONSE… Great book! Interesting theme and characters Couldn’t

    stop reading it… Got emotionally involved… Gave it to two friends already to read (one friend finished it in a week, too!) Genre: historical fiction (my favorite)
  13. None