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TYPO3 for Marketing – TYPO3 Product Day 2021

TYPO3 for Marketing – TYPO3 Product Day 2021

In today's marketing landscape, you will need a strong and robust central CMS, which enables you to integrate all of the tools you love. In my talk at the TYPo3 Product Day 2021 I explained, why TYPO3 is the ideal CMS for Marketers


October 29, 2021

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  1. TYPO3 FOR MARKETING Why Marketers should rely on TYPO3 as

    their central CMS TYPO3 Product Day, 28th Oct. 2021
  2. Let’s start with a quick introduction ➔ Luisa Faßbender (est.

    1996) ➔ Project Manager, Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH ➔ Marketing & Communication Master Student by night ➔ TYPO3 Marketing Team Lead @luisasofie_xoxo Luisa Sofie Faßbender Luisa Sofie Faßbender @luisasofie
  3. .. with new tools launching almost weekly.. While we were

    looking at around 150 solutions back in 2011, this number has risen to more than 8.000 solutions in just 10 years. From 2019 to 2020 alone this pool grew by 14%.
  4. Direct-to-consumer Marketing (D2C) Cutting out intermediaries within existing distribution channels

    to enable direct-to-consumer marketing has been one of the most rapidly growing trends worldwide. By changing to direct-to-consumer marketing, companies are facing an entirely new world of possibilities and challenges. Companies need to: • Adapt to changed customer habits, • Deal with increased competition, • Advertise successfully and secure stable growth, • Personalize touchpoints throughout the entire sales funnel.
  5. Multi- and Omni-Channel Distribution Due to the ongoing process of

    digital transformation, there isn’t such thing as “the” sales channel anymore. In order to succeed on today’s market, products will need to be distributed with a multi- or omni-channel approach. Companies need to: • Distribute content on multiple platforms (and that as efficient as possible), • Enrich existing content with various additions, • Reach and engage customers at any of their touchpoints.
  6. Market saturation and the need to stand out Most Marketers

    have seen their digital channels become more saturated and competitive as so many businesses seek to establish a presence online. So, one of the biggest challenges marketers are facing is going to be coming up with creative ways to differentiate their communication from their competitors’. But how can you make your company stand out in an almost saturated market?
  7. Produce stellar content for your customers Managing large volumes of

    content and digital assets can be difficult without the right tools and workflows. TYPO3 provides a comprehensive content management platform with outstanding workflow support: • Implement and digitize existing publishing workflows into your TYPO3 with the workspaces extension, • Manage large volumes of varying content with ease, • Rely on a vast selection of core content elements or create your own ones, • Deliver blazingly fast content on any output and to any device.
  8. Deliver extensive brand experiences Not only content based applications can

    benefit from using TYPO3. Create fully and seamlessly integrated E-Commerce platforms with full personalization capabilities: • Market your products, educate customers and sell directly on your website, • Nurture and maintain customers with immersive, personalized multimedia experiences, • Utilize TYPO3’s strong CMS features to enhance your existing product information and facilitate sales more effectively.
  9. Launch and scale marketing campaigns instantly Flexible templates enable marketers

    to update and reuse past campaign content. Launch individual marketing campaigns, easily and inexpensively. • Adapt campaign microsites with prebuilt configurations to your latest campaign, quickly creating new content, pages and sites, • Easily access assets from your MRM or DAM solution, • Manage campaigns with analytics and marketing automation solutions from third-party providers.

  11. Optimize your SEO ranking and performance KPIs With the rising

    number of competitors and therefore increasing market saturation, it is especially important to make your business easy to find and access online. • Rely on TYPO3’s built in core SEO features to improve your search engine ranking or extend them with the popular YOAST extension, • Forget slow loading times: Thanks to modern frameworks and technologies, TYPO3 creates blazingly fast websites that captivate your customers right away, • Access your analytics directly in the TYPO3 backend via individual dashboards.
  12. Deliver accessible content to the right audience on any channel,

    any device and in any language: • Gather leads and make connections via endless custom forms options, personalization and back-office marketing integrations and extensions, • Engage more meaningfully with your end-users by gathering information you need to know, • Personalize your contact and make your customers feel heard and seen. Reach your customers where they are
  13. Expand TYPO3 through seamless integrations While TYPO3 comes with a

    lot of industry-standard features out-of-the-box, there may still be times, when you would like to expand its’ functionality: PIM | ERP | CRM | Cloud | DAM | Search | E-Commerce | Payment TYPO3 enables an easy integration with other enterprise, marketing, and middleware systems. HR | Marketing | Translation | Authentication | Frontend-Frameworks
  14. Your (and your customers) data is safe with us TYPO3’s

    data privacy features deliver essential data protection out-of-the-box and meets GDPR requirements: • Implement time-controlled automatic customer data deletion with TYPO3’s scheduler module, • Increase backend security with 2FA or Multi-Factor-Authentication out-of-the-box in TYPO3 <v11 or with popular extensions, • Configure fine-grained user access rights in TYPO3’s access management, password hashes and automatic IP address anonymization.
  15. Rely on TYPO3 as your content management system and divert

    the output into any application. • Your company wants to enable customers to choose the right product for their use case right in your local market? Use TYPO3 as your CMS and divert the results into a fancily branded Point of Sale system. • Your field staff is in need of an easy way to access product information when at your customers’ side? Worry not: Build a sleek progressive web app and let them access the needed information everywhere! Endless possibilities: Divert your content to any application
  16. From small businesses to massive educational institutions TYPO3 scales and

    grows with your company. From small business one-pagers to multilingual, multisite university installations with several thousand editors: TYPO3 will cater to your needs. • Start small and extend your TYPO3 installation as you grow, • Add new backend and frontend languages for additional subsidiaries, • Integrate new tools and solutions as they come out.
  17. Don’t pay for features you don’t need If you are

    looking for a CMS that needs to be integrated with several other existing systems in your organization, you might have stumbled upon Digital Experience Platforms (DXP): 1. The feature set is way to extensive for your company’s needs. DXPs target big corporations and follow an all-in approach. You pay for all of the features, even when you don’t need all of them. 2. There is almost no room for customization. If you want any other feature or integration than what is already included in the “package”, changes like this will cost you quite a lot money, since DXPs are not meant for customizations.
  18. Don’t act headless.. ;-) Another solution you have probably heard

    multiple times is a headless one. “Headless” is an umbrella term which includes both, open source and proprietary solutions which are built API-first: 1. The out-of-the-box feature set is way to small. Component-based systems – also known as headless solutions – are the complete opposite of DXPs. Instead of coming with every possible feature right from the start, you will need to add all features via additional extensions. 2. You don’t get a frontend presenting your content. As the name suggests, headless solutions come without a frontend and require you to build your own before being able to see any output.
  19. Choose a mixture of growth, scalability and sturdiness TYPO3 is

    focussed on supporting growing organizations and catering to a variety of needs. For simple installations, an out-of-the-box standard TYPO3 comes with everything you need to start out. For more sophisticated installations, TYPO3 offers the possibility to integrate almost any feature with ease. • TYPO3 is a feature rich CMS which gives more possibilities out-of-the-box than headless solutions, but far less than Digital Experience Platforms. • A simple clean TYPO3 installation isn’t overwhelming and can be made as simple as you need it to be with restrictive user rights. • When expanding your CMS’ functionalities, you invest in features and improvements, not subscriptions or licenses. TYPO3 is flexible enough to adapt to changes, while robust enough to persist.

  21. Reliable release cycles and official support TYPO3 provides reliable release

    cycles with new major releases every 18 months. Additionally, you get free official support in terms of security and maintenance updates for three years and have the possibility to book additional extended support for up to another three years from TYPO3 GmbH.
  22. Professional, vibrant community + a commercial ecosystem With TYPO3 you

    get the best of both worlds: A vibrant community of enthusiastic industry professionals and a commercial ecosystem behind everything. • Full transparency: TYPO3’s source code is publicly available and gets reviewed by loads of people. • Free of license costs: TYPO3 is licensed under GNU General Public License. • Official support available: Need more time to upgrade? ELTS for the win! • Additional services: Need a third-partys’ opinion? Independent, objective project reviews by professionals are available at TYPO3 GmbH. Get in touch: Meet the community in barcamps, TYPO3 events or connect via Slack!
  23. Let’s recap: Why TYPO3 is the ideal CMS for Marketing

    • Easily and comfortably expandable with extensions and integrations, • Invest in features and improvements, not licenses or subscriptions. • Minimizes repetitive work through content reusability, • Decoupled architecture enables almost any use case, • Grows alongside your company, • Provides future-proofness and reliability • and that’s just, what fits on this slide ;-)