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T3CVIE 2020: Contribution in times of a global pandemic

T3CVIE 2020: Contribution in times of a global pandemic


September 04, 2020

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  1. TYPO3 in 2020 / 2021: Contribution in times of a

    global pandemic luisasofiexoxo Luisa Faßbender, Marketing Team Lead [email protected]
  2. TYPO3 in 2020 / 2021 – Contribution in times of

    a global pandemic ▪︎TYPO3 goes global: But how? ▪︎TYPO3 Marketing in 2020 / 2021: Tackling new tasks ▪︎Not a dev? No problem! Non-Code Contribution
  3. This year changed all of our lives. And it will

    have a lasting impact on each and everyone of us forever.
  4. … let’s take a quick look at everything that the

    pandemic enabled us to do instead! ▪︎Online Events!
  5. … what else? ▪︎Online (Re-)Certifications ▪︎ We had the massive

    Re-Certification Event, which enabled all certification holders to renew and extend their certifications solely online! ▪︎ Additionally: The TYPO3 Education Team in collaboration with the TYPO3 GmbH enabled community members everywhere to take their certification exams online!
  6. But how? ▪︎Enabling contribution through online opportunities ▪︎ Moving onsite-meetings,

    sprints and camps to online opportunities opens international doors for our community. ▪︎ People from all over the world can join us and also give us insights, we might have never thought about before!
  7. … and how else? ▪︎The newly initiated TYPO3 Mentorship Programme

    ▪︎ In August of 2020, Daniel Homorodean published an article about the – finally in place – TYPO3 Mentorship Programme ▪︎ Already several participants from Latin America, North and South Africa confirmed ▪︎ Guided path into the TYPO3 Ecosystem, as well as the Community
  8. TYPO3 Marketing in 2020 - What did we achieve this

    year? ▪︎Facts over Fiction ▪︎ Analysed our competitors + their marketing strengths and weaknesses ▪︎ Started to create battle cards to enable decision makers to actually compare TYPO3 to other CMS ▪︎ Organic Keyword and search volume research to find out what people are actually looking for ▪︎ Started working on a Google Analytics Dashboard, which will provide us with facts about typo3.org user data
  9. TYPO3 Marketing in 2020 - What did we achieve this

    year? ▪︎Collected feedback ▪︎ Created and strategically sent out sales and post-sales surveys in several languages to collect feedback from both – users and decision makers ▪︎Grew our marketing team! ▪︎ .. and we’re proud to say, that we now have a North American member!
  10. TYPO3 Marketing in 2021 – What are our goals for

    next year? ▪︎Combine efforts with other teams & initiatives ▪︎ Working closer with other teams and initiatives to combine our efforts (i.e. TYPO3 Metrics Initiative, TYPO3 Core Team) ▪︎Improve Onboarding Experience ▪︎ Open Onboarding Sprint coming up: Improve „customer“ journey and onboarding into TYPO3 ▪︎Focus efforts on North America ▪︎ Instead of wildly trying to „globalize marketing efforts“, we’re going to focus on North America in 2021
  11. TYPO3 Marketing in 2021 – What are our goals for

    next year? ▪︎Localize general information about TYPO3 ▪︎ Setting up region specific landingpages, to enable people to find information about TYPO3
  12. Ways to contribute to TYPO3 without code ▪︎Spread the word

    ▪︎ Blog, speak, write, tweet, sing about TYPO3! ▪︎Join non-technical focussed sprints ▪︎ Help us improve the onboarding experience ▪︎ Create marketing resources or content-based publications ▪︎Provide feedback ▪︎ Let us know, how we could help you sell TYPO3 better
  13. Let’s not whine about what we cannot do this year,

    but appreciate what we can do instead. And please remember to wear a mask :-)