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[Talk] Let's Do a Thing and Call It Foo 2023 ed.

[Talk] Let's Do a Thing and Call It Foo 2023 ed.

Let’s take computer assisted software authorship and consider ourselves held accountable for results. We do a thing of testing, and call it Foo until we have a shared experience.

Foo is what allows us to be accountable, and we learn that there are 5 layers of oracles we can choose to apply, and from our example can take ideas of how to apply those further.

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

January 29, 2023

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  1. @maaretp @[email protected] The terms foobar (/ˈfuːbɑːr/), foo, bar, baz, and

    others are used as metasyntactic variables and placeholder names in computer programming or computer-related documentation.[1] They have been used to name entities such as variables, functions, and commands whose exact identity is unimportant and serve only to demonstrate a concept. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foobar
  2. @maaretp @[email protected] Stakeholders happy, even delighted –Quality Information Good Team’s

    Output –Quality Information Less than Good Team’s Output –Quality Information Results Gap Surprise! Results Gap on a Team that thinks Testers == Testing Pick up the pizza boxes… ”Find (some of) What Others May Have Missed”
  3. @maaretp @[email protected] WE are accountable 1. Intent / Implementation 2.

    Domain for the Layman 3. Domain for the Expert 4. Reference Implementation 5. People Filtering
  4. @maaretp @[email protected] Domain rules: 1V à IIII in clock design

    as per orders of King Louis XIV of France https://www.amalgamsab.com/iiii-or-is-it-iv.html
  5. @maaretp @[email protected] Answer Key to Some of the Bugs •

    Values over 4k don’t work (without extending to line-on-top notation) – Zeros, fractions, large numbers later in scope • Decimal values truncated vs. rounded • *some of the implementations* – Boundary values miscalculated – Infinite loop • Implementing Classic when expecting Simplified • Got someone’s code without license text!
  6. @maaretp @[email protected] Insights from 8 rounds of pair/ensemble testing •

    Unit Exploratory Testing is FAST • Concepts: Parametrized tests, pytest.raises, approvaltests • Selecting vs. oversampling for finding boundaries • Choosing later what is left behind (if dropping tests is worth the investment) • Both valid and invalid values, balance and role-based heuristics • Fooling a domain expert on conflicting domain rules surprising how versatile a simple appearing domain is
  7. @maaretp @[email protected] A majority of the production failures (77%) can

    be reproduced by a unit test. https://www.usenix.org/system/files/conference/osdi14/osdi14-paper-yuan.pdf Through https://www.slideshare.net/Kevlin/the-error-of-our-ways
  8. @maaretp @[email protected] Everything that does not need to be automated

    gets done while automating. * Programming with thinking – quality of thinking matters
  9. @maaretp @[email protected] WE are accountable 1. Intent / Implementation 2.

    Domain for the Layman 3. Domain for the Expert 4. Reference Implementation 5. People Filtering
  10. @maaretp @[email protected] For pair / ensemble testing this with me

    <3 Thank You Alex, Elisabeth, Bertold, Thomas, Mirja, Karen, Moroni, Isidro, Benjamin & Testing Dozen #1
  11. @maaretp @[email protected] 2020 2016 MIATPP Most Influential Agile Testing Professional

    Person #PayToSpeak #TechVoices #EnsembleTesting #EnsembleProgramming #StrongStylePairing #ExploratoryTesting #TestAutomation #ModernAgile #AwesomeTesters Maaret Pyhäjärvi (from Finland) Email: [email protected] Twitter: @maaretp Web: maaretp.com Blog: visible-quality.blogspot.fi (please connect with me through Twitter or LinkedIn) 2019 - 2022 https://exploratorytestingacademy.com Ohjelmistotestaus ry https://techvoices.org