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Film Testing Laboratory in Chennai

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November 24, 2021

Film Testing Laboratory in Chennai

The lab is equipped to determine film properties and collect data on film performance for a variety of stretch film grades using a variety of film stretching conditions. Our goal is to match a customer's application with the proper product or wrap design.



November 24, 2021


  1. MAEON LABORATORY Essential Test Needed For Best Quality Assurance Of

    Packaging Materials
  2. • While choosing an O-ring for your application, a ton

    of significance ought to be set on the material of the seal being utilized. Since an appropriate fixing activity is exceptionally subject to the state of your O-ring, it is significant that an O-ring material be picked to best suit the working climate of your application. A portion of the normal materials used to make O-rings are nitrile elastic or Buna-N, Viton(r), silicone elastic, neoprene, and PTFE or Teflon(r). • Picking an O-ring material is reliant upon various variables, however two of the most basic elements are the working temperature range that O-rings are exposed to and the various synthetic substances they might be presented to. Some extra factors that assume a part in the choice of an O-ring material incorporate protection from tearing and scraped area, and daylight or maturing. Since most O-ring materials respond distinctively to different conditions just as synthetic compounds, every material enjoys its own benefits and drawbacks. •
  3. Nitrile Rubber: • Perhaps the most well-known material used to

    make O-rings is nitrile elastic or Buna-N, which is a manufactured elastic copolymer. This material has superb protection from water, pressure driven liquids, solvents, oils and other oil based goods. This component, combined with its working temperature scope of between - 65 degrees F to +275 degrees F, has made nitrile elastic one of the most generally utilized elastomers to make O-ring seals. • Nonetheless, this material has its limits; nitrile is for the most part not suggested for applications where it very well may be presented to daylight and ozone, just as specific synthetics, which incorporate ketones, esters, and sweet-smelling hydrocarbons. • Moreover, its defenselessness to ozone additionally makes it important that nitrile elastic seals are not put away close to electric engines that regularly produce ozone. Its high protection from oil based commodities and sensible protection from temperature has prompted Nitrile elastic O-rings turning into the best option for different applications in the vehicle business. • •
  4. Silicone Rubber: • The dart sway test is utilized for

    assurance of the effect opposition of a uninhibitedly falling dart. The test methodology is done by applying shifting impact on the plastic movies from a uninhibitedly falling dart from various statures. • It is utilized for deciding the base measure of power that is needed for the disappointment of the film testing laboratory in chennai under various stacking conditions. For this test methodology, a dart sway analyzer is utilized for high accuracy and exactness. Opacity Test • The murkiness analyzer is utilized for testing the mistiness of a bundling material like names, and so on With the appropriate murkiness of bundling materials, the covering of the materials like inks, and so forth turns out to be extremely less. • The mistiness analyzer is a computerized instrument that is utilized for precise contemplating of the haziness of the bundling materials. Aside from these tests, there are additionally numerous different tests that are should have been directed to guarantee the best nature of bundling materials. • These tests incorporate blasting strength, cut opposition test, scrape test, drop test, cob measuring test, etc.
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