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Monitoring your Application

Monitoring your Application

A talk about monitoring your application (primarily Symfony2, but also applicable to any PHP project, or indeed web project), given at November Camp by Symfony Sweden.

Magnus Nordlander

November 22, 2013

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  1. About me • Magnus Nordlander • Symfony consultant at Fervo

    AB • 10 years of PHP experience • SensioLabs certified Symfony Developer (expert level)
  2. Strategy • Log exceptions and errors • Monitor server and

    application status • Monitor performance • E-mail us if something's out of whack • Collect metrics on usability
  3. An even better strategy • Log everything • Monitor and

    record server and application status • Monitor and record performance • Message and call us if something's out of whack • Collect and present metrics on usability
  4. Logging • Log everything • Use log levels and channels

    to differentiate • Use PSR-3 • Use a framework with logging support
  5. Logging in Symfony • Ships with Monolog, PSR-3 compatible •

    Logs a lot, at various levels • Add gelf-php, and configure the GelfHandler
  6. Logging in Symfony monolog: handlers: main: type: fingers_crossed action_level: info

    handler: nested nested: type: gelf publisher: hostname: localhost # required port: 12201 # optional chunk_size: 1420 # optional
  7. What should I log? • Symfony logs • Web server

    logs • PHP error logs • Varnish logs • SSH login attempts
  8. Graylog2 • Keep logs for as long as you can

    • Utilize the extra fields • Add correlation fields • Set up monitoring
  9. New Relic • Use key transactions • Tune your Apdex-T

    • Set up alerting • Use the plug-ins
  10. Statsd / Graphite • Collect as much as you can

    • Build a dashboard • Get TVs for your developers and ops people • Alerting via Seyren
  11. Code structure • Events with logging and statistics listeners •

    Statistics collectors • Libraries with PSR-3 support
  12. Questions? • Contact me at [email protected] • Follow me on

    Twitter: @drrotmos and @FervoAB • Rate my talk at joind.in/10128