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Nagase & Co.

Nagase & Co.

Monozukuri Hub Meetups vol.8_7.Nov.2016
Speaker: Yusuke Masui


November 07, 2016

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  1. NAGASE & CO., LTD.

  2. Trading company R&D, manufacturing, processing functions NAGASE Group What is

    NAGASE 184 years in business   We Identify, Develop and Expand new businesses  
  3. Company Profile • Company name: NAGASE & CO., LTD. •

    Founded: June 18, 1832 • Established: December 9, 1917 • Paid-in capital: JP\ 9.6 billion • No. of employees: Consolidated – 6,259, Parent - 973 (as of March 31, 2015) • Main business: Import/export and domestic sales of chemicals, plastics, electronics materials, cosmetics and health foods • Group companies: 101 (42 in Japan, 59 overseas)* • Consolidated sales: JP\ 759.7billion (results for FY2014) • Consolidated net income: JP\ 11.3 billion (results for FY2014) Representative Director, President and CEO   Kenji Asakura *The number of companies as of the end of FY2014 Osaka Head Office Tokyo Head Office Nagoya Branch Office 3
  4. Our History Nagase Always brought innovation with partners. 1832 Founded as

    a dye store in Nishijin, Kyoto 1900 Started import of synthetic dyes from  Basel Chemical of Switzerland (Ciba) (present BASF)   1901  Opened Lyon office 1913  Opened London office 1915  Opened New York office 1923  Starts trading relations with Eastman Kodak 1930  Distribution agreement with Union Carbide (present Dow Chemical Company) 1964  Shares listed on the second section of Osaka Stock Exchange 1968 Distribution agreement with General Electric (present SABIC IP)  First generation: Denbei Nagase Employees of the London Office around 1919 Panoramic view of Ciba in 1893
  5. Expansion of Manufacturing Bases and Research Facilities *The above number

    of companies is as of the end of FY2014 Nagase Application Workshop Nagase R&D Center Nagase ChemteX (Fukuchiyama Plant) Hayashibara (Okayama Functional Saccharide Plant) 1970 Establishes Nagase-CIBA with Ciba Geigy of Switzerland 1971 Establishes Engineering Plastic joint venture with GE of the U.S. 1990 Opens Nagase R&D Center in Kobe 2000 4 manufacturing subsidiaries integrate to form Nagase ChemteX 2002 Establishes Nagase ChemteX (Wuxi) in Wuxi, China 2006 Turns Pac Tech of Germany into a Group company 2007 Opens Nagase Application Workshop in Amagasaki 2010 Opens Nagase Coating Laboratory in Mumbai India 2012 Turns Engineered Material Systems into a Group company     Turns Hayashibara a Group company 2013 Opens NCW R&D center in Wuxi, China Nagase-CIBA in 1971 Nagase always focus on manufacturing and R&D facility.
  6. Polymer Global Account Dept. Electronics Life & Healthcare Functional Materials

    Advanced Materials & Processing NAGASE’s Segments Performance Chemicals Dept. Speciality Chemicals Dept. Electronic Chemicals Dept. Automotive Solutions Dept. Energy Business Office Life & Healthcare Products Dept. Beauty Care Products Dept. We are working on improving corporate value. Automotive & Energy Colors & Advanced Processing Dept. Electronic Materials Dept.
  7. 6,025 5,033 5,500 5,275 5,550 Functional Materials 22% Advanced Materials

    & Processing 34% Electronics 20% Life & Healthcare 10% USD6,325 Million FY2014 Automotive & Energy 14% 6,325 Consolidated Net Sales by area & by Segment Net sales by area Net sales by Segment Exchange rate 1USD = JPY 120 Confidential 7
  8. 【 FYE2015 】 Net sales :157.1 billion yen Operating income

    : 3.6 billion yen Functional Materials Segment Performance Chemicals Dept. Speciality Chemicals Dept. Customer industries Paints and inks, urethane Petrochemicals, plastics, electronic materials, semiconductors, industrial oil, surfactants, organic synthetics, etc. Main products and services Resins, raw materials for resins, pigments, solvents, and additives for paints and inks, urethane materials, flame retardants, release agents Petrochemical products, plastic materials and additives, chemicals for paper manufacturing, raw materials for industrial oil solutions, surfactants and surfactant raw aterials,fluorochemicals, silicone materials, plating chemicals, electronics chemicals and polymer filters (25%) Urethane Materials: Used in car seat cushions, etc., due to high adhesion and elasticity. Denafilter™: Used to remove contaminants during the film manufacturing process for LCD panels and other products. Produced by subsidiary Nagase Filter Co., Ltd. Coating Materials: Used in automotive bodies, etc. 21% sales
  9. Colors & Advanced Processing Dept. Polymer Global Account Dept. Customer

    industries Paper manufacturing/thermal paper, cosmetics and toiletries, electronic equipment, sheets and films, printing and print materials, fiber processing, auto body paint Office automation, electronics and consumer electronics, home appliances, housing and construction materials, packaging materials Main products and services Pigments/additives, digital print processing materials, copolyester resins, functional sheets and films, organic transparent conductive materials, dyestuffs, fiber processing agents, auto body repair paint Functional resins, general-purpose resins, auxiliaries, plastic products, plastic-related equipment, devices and moldings (28%) Advanced Materials & Processing Segment Color Formers: Subsidiary Fukui Yamada Chemical Co., Ltd. manufactures ink raw materials used in thermal paper for printing receipts, tickets, etc. Engineering Plastics: Used in office equipment products. Copolyester Resin (Tritan™): Copolyester resin with improved heat resistance to 100 ℃ and greater. Used in glass-like containers. 【 FYE2015 】 Net sales : 255.5 billion yen Operating income : 4.9 billion yen sales
  10. sales (33%) Electronic Chemicals Dept. Electronic Materials Dept. Customer industries

    Electronic components, displays, heavy electric machinery, semiconductors, automotive, environment and energy Smartphones and tablets, displays, touch panels, LEDs Main products and services Formulated epoxy resins and related products, photolithography materials for the production of semiconductors and liquid crystal displays, chemical management equipment for liquid crystal display production processes, semiconductor equipment and bumping services Materials for smartphone and tablet cases, touch panel materials, optical films for liquid crystal displays, abrasives, LED chips and related materials, glass processing, anti-reflective sheets for plastic and glass, materials for backlights, electronic paper-related materials, materials for flexible displays, organic light-emitting materials, flame-resistant insulation/thermal conductive sheets Electronics Segment Chemicals Used for LCD Panel Manufacturing: Manufactured by subsidiary Nagase ChemteX. Used in the manufacturing of LCD panels. Epoxy Resins: Manufactured by subsidiary Nagase ChemteX. Used in a variety of industrial sectors, including sealants for semiconductors, optical component materials for displays, and adhesive agents used in everything from construction and building materials to electrical equipment, electronics, automobiles, ships, and wind power generation. Materials for LCD-Related Products: Sales of display device peripheral components and touch panel materials for smartphones 【 FYE2015 】 Net sales : 127.9 billion yen Operating income : 6.2 billion yen
  11. (11%) Automotive Solutions Dept. Energy Business Office Customer industries Automotive

    and automotive parts industries Batteries, photovoltaics, automotive and automotive parts, construction, logistics, lighting, commercial facilities, public facilities, etc Main products and services Commodity plastics and engineering plastics for automotive interior/exterior components, automotive interior/exterior and functional components, lightweight materials and components, electronics components, auxiliaries, plastic-related equipment, devices and tools Raw materials for lithium ion battery (LiB), photovoltaic (PV) modules, LiB systems, PV materials and applied products in energy management systems, independently powered systems, LED optical communications equipment, wireless communications modules Automotive & Energy Segment <Resins (Polycarbonate): Used in headlights and other applications. Resins (PP): Used in bumpers and other applications. Resin (PCABS, etc.), Decorative Films: Used in/around instrument panels and dashboards. Floorboard Manufacturing: Performed by an affiliated company. 【 FYE2015】 Net sales : 115.3 billion yen Operating income :1.3 billion yen sales
  12. Life & Healthcare Products Dept. Beauty Care Products Dept. Customer

    industries Foods, pharmaceuticals and medical, diagnostic drugs, cosmetics, household goods, agricultural, fisheries and livestock General consumers Main products and services Functional food ingredients (functional saccharides, enzymes, health food materials, and food additives), cosmetics and household product materials (whitening agents, moisturizing agents, UV absorbers, activators, antibacterial agents, and nutritional supplements,chelates), pharmaceuticals (active pharmaceutical ingredients [APIs], clinical trial APIs, intermediates,raw materials, formulations, additives),in-vitro diagnostics, medical materials, related materials for agriculture, fisheries, and livestock (agricultural chemicals and materials, fertilizers, feed and feed additives) Cosmetics (including skin care counseling and facial care services), health foods (18%) Life & Healthcare Segment Pharmaceuticals and Medical Field: Conducts sales of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates; subsidiary Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd. engaged in the manufacture of anti-cancer drugs. Cosmetics Materials: NAGASE & CO., LTD. is engaged in the sales of cosmetics materials. Subsidiary Nagase Beauty Care Co., Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture and sale of cosmetics and health foods. 【 FYE2015 】 Net sales:85.5 billion yen Operating income :3.8 billion yen   sales TREHA™: Manufactured by subsidiary Hayashibara Co., Ltd. TREHA™ is a sweetener functional saccharide that slows quality degradation caused by freezing or drying. A sweetener used for a wide variety of processed foods including traditional Japanese and western confections..
  13. Michigan New York California Mexico City Jakarta Singapore Kuala Lumpur

    Penang Bangkok Ho Chi Minh Manila Dubai Seoul Hanoi 南京 Mumbai London Delhi Melbourne Dusseldorf Budapest 厦門 Johor Bahru Sao Paulo Dhaka Global Network -101 Companies in 20 Countries- Japan Northeast Asia Southeast Asia U.S., Europe & others 24 companies 15 companies 10 companies 4 companies Sales/service companies: 53 in 20 countries 29 Wuhan Chongqing Chengdu Shenzhen Guangzhou Qingdao Dalian Tianjin Nanjing Shanghai Hong Kong Taiwan Changsha Xiamen *The above number of companies is as of the end of FY 2014. Sydney Sales ¥759.7 billion Confidential 13
  14. Nagase Finechem Singapore Pac Tech Asia Pac Tech USA-Packaging Technologies

    Sofix 長瀬精細化工(無錫) 東拓工業(蘇州) 長瀬電子科技(厦門) 長瀬電子科技 Pac Tech -Packaging Technologies ▪ 子会社       Engineered Material Systems Nagase Engineering Service Korea Japan Northeast Asia Southeast Asia U.S., Europe& others 18 companies 12 companies 9 companies 9 companies *The above number of companies is as of the end of FY 2014. Manufacturing/processing companies: 48 in 12 countries 30 Subsidiaries Nagase ChemteX Hayashibara Nagase Medicals Setsunan Kasei Totaku Industries Kotobuki Kasei CAPTEX Nagase Filters Kawai Hiryo Fukui Yamada Chemical Nagase Techno-Engineering Affiliates (7 companies) Nagase Electronics Technology Nagase Electronics Technology (Xiamen) Totaku Industries (Suzhou) Nagase ChemteX (Wuxi) Global Network -101 Companies in 20 Countries- Confidential 14
  15. Nagase R&D Center Base technology development for future businesses R&D

    in bio field Nagase Application Workshop Development of applications, offering of solution, synthetic resins, coating materials Nagase ChemteX (Wuxi) Corporation R&D Center Development of applications related to electronics (epoxy resin) R&D Base Network
  16. R&D and Manufacturing Functions 16 Nagase R&D Center is responsible

    for the technologies and information that drive the NAGASE Group’s manufacturing, processing, research, development, marketing, and trading functions The R&D Center plays a central role in creating high value-added business models to give Nagase a unique competitive advantage -Development of specialty chemicals uses biotechnology Nagase Application Workshop (NAW) is home to specialized equipment and expert staff capable of conducting raw materials analysis, application development, and final product formulation for plastics and coating materials The products of Hayshibara are Trehalose, glucosyl hesperidin which has recently attracted attention as an ingredient, and a stable   Vitamin C used in cosmetics, which is designed to brighten and improve the appearance of the skin Production and sale of high-performance resins including denatured epoxy resins, chemical solutions for photolithography, epichlorohydrin derivatives, acrylic polymers, conductive polymers, liquid crystal materials, chelating agents, disinfectants and antimicrobial agents, and enzymes/phospholipids
  17. Introduce of the example for our function Nagase R&D center

    Development of the thinnest Blood flow authentication system in the world ~NAGASE and Bionics Co.,Ltd. expand our business to related to Security business~ (quotation)【*1】U.S. National Library of Medicine  URL:https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/neuroferritinopathy#images( translated to Japanese by NAGASE) “Rust prevention by rust" ~Research & Development of the reactive paint ~ It can realize the long service life of iron and steel. This technology was award the special prize in the 6th Annual Monozukuri Grand award Nagase Application Workshop 【*1】 Obtained a patent for microbial production method of ferritin with controlling stockpiles of metallic ion in protein material by changing ratio of two subunits. 【*2】
  18. Hayashibara Co., Ltd 【Company profile】  Capital :JPY 7,500 million  Shareholder:NAGASE

    & CO., LTD100%  Employees :Approx. 600  Net Sales :Approx. JPY25 billion 【Business information】  Food materials  Pharmaceutical materials  Cosmetic materials  Health food ingredients  Functional dyes HAYASHIBARA MUSEUN OFNATURAL SCIENSES HAYASHIBARA MUSEUM OF ART Kibi Pharmaceutical  Plant Ⅱ ルミンA Okayama PlantⅠ Okayama Functional Saccharide Plant Core Technology Div L’ Plaza Okayama Plant Ⅱ Functional Dye Div Functional Dye Dept Functional Dye Div Formulation Dept Trehalose Without Trehalose With Trehalose Without Trehalose With Trehalose
  19. Harima Factory Fukuchiyama Factory Nagase ChemteX Corporation Sakai Factory  

    Denatured epoxy Photolithography Enzime Antimicrobial ・Chelating agents    Liquid crystal materials    Pharmaceutical intermediate Functional Molecule Apichlorohydrin Production, R&D, Technologies Electronics Functional Chemical Biochemical 【Company profile】  Capital :JPY 2,474million  Shareholder:NAGASE & CO.,LTD100%  Employees :Approx. 600  Net Sales : Approx. JPY30 billion