Where in the Stack is Carmen Sanfrancisco? React Rally Edition

Where in the Stack is Carmen Sanfrancisco? React Rally Edition

We're going on an adventure through the JavaScript jungle. Node.js, browser JS, virtual DOM...where in the world are we and what can we do? In my work on automated accessibility testing, I've found the lines to be quite blurry in different parts of the web development stack. For example, when writing APIs in Node.js to be executed in a browser, it’s not always clear what your options are. We’ll look closely at some of these details as they relate to React.js and learn a lot about testing for accessibility in the process, encouraging development of websites that everyone can use.

Editorial note: Keynote PDFs don't include videos or the awesome $10 theme song. For those, you can watch the video when it comes out or look at these huge, inaccessible HTML slides. http://marcysutton.com/slides/carmen-sanfrancisco-reactrally/


Marcy Sutton

August 26, 2016