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Abstract How to challenge our design workflow with version control?

Abstract How to challenge our design workflow with version control?

In development, version control is no longer a subject. Every company around the world use git or svn to manage development project. And us, designers, what is our setup ? Considering design as a major step of a web project, why don’t use a proven method to improve our team workflow ? Abstract offers us this opportunity with Sketch files. Version conflict, storage, collaboration into a same file (and many other things), will be no problem.

View the presentation video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDCzTAJkSNE&t=5s

Presented at Paris Dribbble Meetup at Algolia - May 2018

Marie-Aline Millot

May 16, 2018

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  1. Hello! I’m Marie-Aline I like to fix and ride my

    motorbike UX Designer at Weekendesk
  2. +

  3. Who is it for? Single designer or product team Replaces

    Dropbox/Box/Google Drive for storage and versioning/history Does not replace Design review & Communication Design Libraries are integrated Synthesis
  4. Q/R So, are you ready to go to a next

    step of design workflow ? :)
  5. Thank you! Let’s keep in touch, I would happily answer

    your questions. Feel free to contact me : @mariealine_m / [email protected] / Marie Aline (FDC)