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Clay - BDE

Marketing OGZ
September 22, 2022

Clay - BDE

Marketing OGZ

September 22, 2022


  1. Clay Solutions - A SALTO Group Company Make smart access

    control even smarter with data Bart Klaver Clay Solutions B.V. Schipluidenlaan 4 1062 HE Amsterdam saltosystems.com my-clay.com
  2. Our goal is to serve millions of end users with

    a small amount of Bricks _ _ saltosystems .com Agenda: • Who is Clay? • The SALTO KS product • Architecture • Data collection through IoT (edge) devices • What problems do we want to solve (or rather prevent)? • Predictions based on collected data • Future of Smart Buildings • Careers
  3. Clay by SALTO founded 10.000 IQ’s Rebranded to SALTO KS

    Clay’s acquisition by SALTO June 2017 Feb 2017 2012 Aug 2018 Jul 2019 20.000 IQs The evolution of a revolution April 2020 Jan 2022 50k IQ’s Sept 2022 53 Bricks 100k locks Sept 2022 200k locks
  4. HW Smart Access Electronic Locking Solutions SW Web App Mobile

    App API platform / SDK ECO- SYSTEM Technology Partners DIGITAL CREDENTIALS Access Methods Option of Widget SERVICE Global Support by worldwide network of SALTO Offices & Certified Partners saltosystems .com Cloud Access control in the cloud
  5. RETAIL SALTO is helping retail businesses simplify their access management

    workflow to increase productivity, security, and operations efficiency while reducing costs and optimizing processes for shared, single, and multiple locations for all types of retail environments. - Fast food & restaurant chain - Supermarket & discount stores - Fitness center and gym franchises - Banking and insurance - Clothes and fashion stores COWORKING SPACES SALTO smart solutions are in use in coworking spaces around the world. HOSPITALITY SALTO has become a global leader in delivering access control for hospitality. SALTO empowers property owners and manager worldwide with new ways to secure guests, manage staff and protect assets through unmatched advanced technology. saltosystems .com SALTO KS’ cloud based access control is used in all kinds of industries. The top industries being: Hospitality, Retail and Coworking. Industries
  6. Technology Partners SALTO KS enables 3rd party softwares and cloud

    service providers to enrich their offerings with smart lock functionality, as well as enhance the SALTO KS capabilities KS Connect Frictionless integrations with leading cloud platforms. Together, we deliver comprehensive solutions that unite cloud access control, security, building automation, software, operations, and much more in an all-in-one integrated technology platform. SDK / API Access to our locking platform; KS Connect API By working with over 230 leading Technology Partners, SALTO KS is able to offer the most complete and reliable cloud-based access control solution. We also offer frictionless integrations with leading cloud platforms via KS Services. saltosystems .com
  7. saltosystems .com Web- and Mobile apps Your portal to your

    account, where you can create access groups, manage users and view entries to your properties from your computer or mobile devices. IQ (IoT edge device): The IQ comes in different variants (Wi-Fi, PoE, cellular) to connect to the cloud and Bluetooth to connect to the smart lock. Achieve a greater level of security, auditability, scalability, flexibility, interoperability, and cost-efficiency with SALTO KS . Wireless Smart Lock You can choose from SALTO cylinders, escutcheons or wall readers. Remote Opening Digital Key Smart Tag PIN Code System Architecture
  8. + 2.6 million Users Users already using SALTO KS. +

    200.000 Access Points (locks) Equipped access points. + 1M Door openings every day Every day users from all over the world use our technology to access their place of work, building or door. + 230 Technology Partners SALTO KS integrates with your business applications, including PMS, check-in solution and management software, and other specialized industry solutions. SALTO KS saltosystems .com 13.558 Different locations (Sites) 200.159 Online access points 4.460.643 Events last week (51% increase this year) 459.862 Digital Key openings (140% increase this year) 12.142.488 lock state reports last week (31% increase)
  9. Data collection Every week we open approximately 4.5 million doors

    per week, worldwide. SALTO is operating in 90 countries. The Data that we collect is about which door openings, but also which doors will not (or didn’t) open. We proactively use data and machine learning to help us learn about our product, customers and usage. With the collected data we want to elevate the happiness of our customers with SALTO locks. Proactively optimizing our support and commissioning process. saltosystems .com +1,300 People +210 R&D +40 Offices +7M Access Points +40,000 Projects
  10. saltosystems .com The idea behind the ‘CDP’ is to benefit

    from the immense amount of data which is produced every day and was not put to use. A generic and extensible platform was built, creating a solid base for future extensions (in terms of scalability and datasources). Integrated with the KS Azure platform (using the same set of tools) but able to handle any other SALTO Group set of data. The initiative of CDP was started in 2021. Focus of the platform is to constantly improve the customer experience! Clay Data Platform
  11. Data Platform Architecture The main component in CDP is the

    Azure Databricks instance, which is a managed Spark service that is used by data scientists and data engineers for ETL and Analytics tasks. Databricks is coupled with 2 storage containers which serve as a file system and underlying data source for Delta Lake. In addition to Databricks, there are several components that together form the data ingestion pipeline such as Event Hub and Functions. Databricks clusters are created in the Clay production VNET. This enables direct access to MariaDB for data exchange without making copies or data-dumps. The storage account used by Spark are also attached to the Databricks subnet and not exposed to wide internet. saltosystems .com The below diagram illustrates the general architecture of CDP
  12. saltosystems .com

  13. KS Platform SALTO KS SALTO HQ CDP logs events KS

    DB Locks production date \ Real-time events produced by KS platform (ingested 10 years of data!) \ A subset of logs coming from Kibana \ CSV files from factory containing locks’ production date \ MySQL runtime slave DB What data are we collecting?
  14. KS Platform SALTO KS SALTO HQ External Data Sources CDP

    … … logs events KS DB Other Data Sources Other Data Sources Locks production date ⇨ There are many data sources that we can connect to CDP. We will not do it now, but only when it makes sense, meaning when we receive requests for analysis requiring one of these data sources. Nebula, Danalock, BlueField
  15. Ambitions with the data Constantly improve the customer experience! •

    Proactive customer support • Predictive maintenance ◦ Installation health statistics ◦ Battery lifetime prediction ◦ Fraud detection • Analysis to support new feature development, marketing, sales, cost savings ◦ API / platform usage ◦ Feature usage (a/b testing) • Easy creation of reports and dashboards for integration into Support tools • Support incident analysis • Analyse the data to reveal usage patterns, understand our customers better and prioritise features • Ability to uncover hidden problems by using the data to learn • Provide embedded Power BI reports to end-users (installers, customers, support) saltosystems .com
  16. Predictions based on collected data The IQ, our self-build Edge

    device, is the central hub of your site. It receives and stores all changes and settings from the SALTO KS application and ensures that all locks are updated within seconds. Bad weather conditions How successful will an installation be saltosystems .com Communication between the lock and the Edge device Online vs. offline opening
  17. saltosystems .com Installers & Data ➜ 24/7 support ➜ Self-build

    ‘commissioning application’ ➜ Help interpret data in a smart way This is currently a major challenge for us to ensure that the installers can interpret data in a good way. We already offer 24/7 support to help if a door doesn’t open. We also offer a ‘commissioning application’, that allows us to guide installers through the whole installation. Data about the quality is included so an installer can easily see how successful an installation is, how well the latest installation has performed, and if something doesn’t seem right. This all leads to suggestions to improve the installation (if needed).
  18. Customer satisfaction should be as high as possible. _ saltosystems

  19. saltosystems .com The ‘Smart building’ industry ➜ Combining smart locks

    with other data sources ➜ Combining software and hardware on a global scale ➜ Cloud-based Once we provide that technical infrastructure we can roll it out anywhere, so it doesn't matter where in the world our customers are as long as there is an internet connection. Because we can offer software and hardware, and operate on a global scale this type of organisation benefits greatly.
  20. saltosystems .com The team: Bricks ➜ Expanding in mainly back-end

    and data ➜ Working with software & hardware on a global scale ➜ my-clay.com/careers ➜ Agile working ➜ @claysolutionsamsterdam
  21. saltosystems .com Questions?

  22. Bart Klaver E: [email protected] @saltosystems @claysolutionsamsterdam saltosystems.com Looking for a

    career in IoT? Visit: my-clay.com/careers