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Theobald - BDE

Marketing OGZ
September 22, 2022

Theobald - BDE

Marketing OGZ

September 22, 2022


  1. Speaker Khoder Elzein SVP Product Management / Presales [email protected] 15

    years experience with BI and SAP 3 Presales / Product Management 2 At Theobald Software since 2009 1
  2. Agenda> Discussion 4 PERI: SAP Integration with Azure & Power

    BI 3 SAP Integration with Xtract Universal 2 Overview Theobald Software 1
  3. 6 founded in 2004 ISV, specializing in SAP integration 3,200

    SAP customers 200 partners 50 employees Seattle, USA Paris, France Stuttgart, Germany Dongguan, China Hong Kong SAR, China Who is Theobald Software?>
  4. Products> Xtract Universal Azure DataLake, SQL Server etc. Xtract IS

    for SQL Server Integration Services Xtract IS for Azure for Azure SSIS-Integration Runtime ERPConnect Services for SharePoint On-Premises, Nintex ERPConnect for .NET development Process integration Xtract for Alteryx in Alteryx embedded solution Core development Data Extraction yunIO Process automation and integration for cloud environments
  5. Xtract Universal> ERP • S/4HANA • BW • BW/4HANA BI

    Analytics Cloud Storage Database SAP Database Data Ingestion (Staging) RFC protocol Destinations Destinations ..und vieles mehr XU Designer Client n Client 2 Client 1 XU Server Xtract Universal Function/BAPI Query Report Table DeltaQ Cube/BEx Hierarchy Open Hub ODP
  6. Xtract Universal > Web API ADF Pipeline Web Activity <asynchron

    Start> ?name=MARA&wait=false - Timestamp as http response <Status request> status/?name=MARA&timestamp= 2021-06-16_09:58:47.312 (Running, FinishedNoErrors FinishedErrors.). https://XUServer.domain.local:8165/ Self hosted Integration Runtime
  7. Start XU extraction + monitor runtime Use native DataFactory connector

    for SAP HANA … Business Logic 0 % 100 % SAP HANA SAP BW Query Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 SAP PP Other SAP and non-SAP Source Systems SAP … PSD SAP HANA Connector raw use staging CRM CPQ CV Sales Data CV Finance Data … Power BI Dataflows Dataset Report BI Sales Reporting … DF Sales DF Sales Targets Azure Data Factory Scheduling, Refreshes Power BI Workspaces *PSD – PERI Sales and Distribution (self-developed ERP System) Power BI Workspaces Business Objects Report types Crystal Reports Power BI Datasets Start Dataflow refresh + Monitor runtime Start Dataset refresh + Monitor runtime Start XU extraction + monitor runtime Analysis for Office Workbooks Lumira Reports *CPQ – Configure Price Quote Use native DataFactory connectors Architecture development over time>
  8. Challenge – Decision for Xtract Universal> > Bring logically consistent

    SAP data to PowerBI > BW/HANA logics developed over 5 years > Performance impacts on SAP Systems (Large datasets, Queries using cell references → Open Hub, BW via MDX, Odata) > HANA Connector: High level of detail → Loss of business logic > Minimal footprint on the source system (slicing) > Parameterization (Query Variables, Destination) > Integration into the DataFactory toolset (Starting extractions, status tracking → “Web Activities”) > Different types of extractions methods for SAP Source Systems > Easy to use and fast extraction set-up Challenges Xtract Universal
  9. Early Data Integration into Power BI Data Flows> PowerBI Service

    – Select desired Data source Replace blob by dfs. Combine multiple parquet files into one Data Flow
  10. Current Data Integration into Power BI Data Flows> Enter Connection

    Parameters PowerBI Service – Select desired Data source Select Synapse View
  11. Facts> <XU Extractions> 200 <DataFactory Pipelines> 250 <pipeline executions> 700

    More than each day <PowerBI Users> 1600 Sales Engineering Finance Logistics Operations Production Group/Market Unit Management Product Management <Premium P2 PowerBI Capacity> 1 <transactions> 120.000 Storage Account using 1,2 TiB each day <Power BI reports> developed by central IT / developed in self service 60 / 250 <Power BI report executions> each month 45.000
  12. <Download your trial version> free | valid for 30 days

    | full scope | incl. support <Download now>
  13. 44 >> The best SAP interface is the one that

    no-one even notices. Patrick Theobald, Founder of Theobald Software Theobald Software GmbH Kernerstrasse 50 70182 Stuttgart Phone: +49 7 11 / 46 05 99 0 E-Mail: [email protected] Web: theobald-software.com/en/