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Rough To Fine - Programming Lessons from Woodworking

Rough To Fine - Programming Lessons from Woodworking

Woodworking has experienced quite a renaissance as of late, and a very popular style involves using power tools for rough work and hand tools for detail and precision work. Using both defines each woodworker's speed and ability to produce beautiful/functional pieces. The same can be true of developers. What can we as developers learn from this mix of modern and ancient craft? Come find out.

Mark Sim

April 26, 2017

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  1. Safety • Immediate • Body / fingers away from blade

    • Kickback prevention / avoidance • Eye protection • Long term • Ear protection • Dust Collection Easiest to Remember Easiest to Forget http://jayscustomcreations.com
  2. A bit stuck? • Concerns about solving the problem in

    a way that won’t work • Fear of an uncorrectable mistake • Fear of wasted effort • Fear of a flawed final product http://www.wilkerdos.com
  3. Flattening the top • Small Jointer • Hand Plane •

    Sharp enough? • Is it Flat? • Nearby shop
  4. Solving a Hard Problem • Miter Saw? • $400-$600? •

    Takes time to tune • Once tuned, works well • Hand saw • $15-$30 • Fast to set up • Perfect with a plane
  5. Lessons • Safety Matters • Repeatability • Focus on Known

    problems • Improve your tools • Know your options • Specific Project Bonus: Problem solving is a skill that can be developed in any craft.