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What Private Teams Can Learn from Open Source

What Private Teams Can Learn from Open Source

Private teams that want to reduce bugs in their code and increase their talent pool should look more like open source teams. Distribute your communication and have an automatic code review process.

Mark Sim

April 26, 2012

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  1. hour for hour, no other developer method reduces more bugs

    in production see “Code Complete” by Steve McConnell Thursday, April 26, 12
  2. • fork (free!) • submit pull request • let the

    team review • merge easy to set this up Thursday, April 26, 12
  3. • more complicated process • slower than git push •

    more knowledge of git required disadvantages Thursday, April 26, 12
  4. advantages • all code gets reviewed • everyone sees coding

    styles • everyone sees problem solutions • everyone gets input • git history cleanliness is reviewed Thursday, April 26, 12
  5. disadvantages • more discipline • more intentionality • could reduce

    personal interaction (not what we found) Thursday, April 26, 12
  6. advantages • all communication logged • everyone can participate from

    anywhere • everyone can review or catch up • anyone can be added to the team from anywhere • bonus: reduced distraction Thursday, April 26, 12