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Practical #pairwithme

Practical #pairwithme

Lightning Talk about what #pairwithme sessions are good for and how to have a good #pairwithme session.

Mark Sim

July 20, 2013

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  5. #pairwithme @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com

  6. What is pairwithme good for? @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com

  7. 1.Learning New Tools @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com

  8. 2.Learning new Ideas @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com

  9. 3. Contributing to Open Source @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com

  10. 4. Encouraging/ Improving your Confidence @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com

  11. Tips for a good pairwithme session @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com

  12. Find a Pair Partner letspair.net #pairwithme on Twitter @marksim |

  13. Be Persistent Virtual => More missed appointments Be gracious Use

    a Calendar @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com
  14. Be Prepared Agree on Toolset Skype or Google+ ? TMUX+VIM

    or Sublime+ScreenHero ? Agree on Project/Exercise Have Host Machine ready @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com
  15. Establish Empathy Thanks, James (@lazyatom) Video helps tremendously Talk about

    your lives for 10 minutes with a new pair @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com
  16. Challenge: Pair with someone! Find me afterward or @marksim on

    Twitter if you need help Level up and make the community better @marksim | blog.quarternotecoda.com
  17. #pairwithme @marksim blog.quarternotecoda.com