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Discovering Design: Break It Before You Build

Discovering Design: Break It Before You Build

Whether you have experience with design, development, or are ready to build your first theme, there is a lot of planning to be done before you open your favorite design program or code editor. WordPress themes are designed for two audiences: the end user (in the browser), and the site administrator (in the Dashboard), and it’s our job to account for both sets of needs. We will explore some workflows in the design and discovery process, including content mapping, wireframes and general WordPress logic. Whether you’re building a theme for yourself, for your client, or for sale, you can use these methods to build a map for your project before you begin.

Michelle Schulp Hunt

May 29, 2015

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  1. @marktimemedia END USER •  Layout •  Navigation •  Interactivity • 

    Aesthetics •  Images, Text •  Forms, Buttons very web wow has amaze lol
  2. @marktimemedia END USER •  Useable •  Consistent •  Intuitive or

    Self- Explanatory •  Drives towards a call to action very click wow much action call can use
  3. @marktimemedia CONTENT MANAGER •  Post Types •  Taxonomies •  Meta

    Fields •  Admin Pages •  Options •  Widgets •  Dashboard such wordpress so admin do options
  4. @marktimemedia CONTENT MANAGER •  Useable •  Consistent •  Intuitive or

    Self- Explanatory •  No more complex than necessary much consistant very logic has useable
  5. @marktimemedia END USER •  Hard to find content or information

    •  Counterintuitive navigation or content organization •  Vague call to action no find why happen? L smiles is lies
  6. @marktimemedia CONTENT MANAGER •  Code/Shortcode in Text Editor to control

    layout •  Hidden content in widgets or menus, or other unexpected places •  Unused menu items •  Too many options where is? L halp shortcodes no explain
  7. @marktimemedia Community Information Contact Info Related Plans - Clickable Related

    Quick Move Ins – Clickable Directions to Community Interactive Map - Enlarge Files - Download
  8. @marktimemedia WORDPRESS CONTENT TYPES •  Post – archival/ordered •  Page

    – single •  Taxonomies – hierarchical/non-hierarchical •  Meta – additional fields associated with post/page •  Users – authors, members, commenters… •  Custom Post Types – the sky is the limit!
  9. @marktimemedia Custom Post Type 1 Meta Data Custom Post Type

    2 Custom Post Type 2 – Specific Category Text Field Custom Field - Map Custom Field – Select Docs CPT Meta Data
  10. @marktimemedia GOALS & CALLS TO ACTION •  Who is this

    for? •  What do we want people to do? very contact lol keyboard alot goals
  11. @marktimemedia PAGE WALKTHROUGH •  What happens? •  What do we

    do? •  Where does this action lead? not sure if static page or complex functionality
  12. @marktimemedia USER STORIES •  Who, specifically, is the user? • 

    How does this persona engage with the site? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯