From PoC to MVP

From PoC to MVP

Presentation at React Native Chicago, July 207


Marshall Shen

July 23, 2017


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    Design & Develop • Interaction design • Understand UX /

    UI practice • How does an idea become a prototype? • React Native development • Understand basic concepts • How do we build a native app from scratch?
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    Interaction Design • Research • Conduct user interviews on selected

    stakeholders with selected questions. • Have a list of questions, prepare follow up questions based on the answers • Ideation • Generate as many ideas as possible, then filter ideas based on selected criteria. • 5 techniques for idea generation: listing ideas, eliminate a constraint, make an analogy, exaggerate, get in the garbage • 5 criteria for idea selection: most useful, most desirable, easiest for most people to use, most functional, most sustainable. • Synthesis • Create a persona. List personal information, identify a quote that captures the essence of of what a person feels, thinks, and does. • Create a journey map. Create a journey map that captures all of the things the chef thinks, does, says and feels at critical points throughout the experience. • Identify opportunity areas. Based on the persona and journey maps, it’s now time to identify an opportunity area. Opportunity areas are a combination of a specific user, a need, and a meaningful insight.
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    Research • Interview courtesy • introduce myself and why I’m

    there. • Set expectations of how long the interview will last • Let them know they are in control • Get permission to record • End early • Laddering (keep asking why) • Makes explicit connection between an experience and the value (e.g. self- esteem, accomplishment, belonging, self-fulfillment, family, security)
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    laddering technique Why do you want to advertise your business

    online? Because I want to find more clients Why do you want to find more clients? Because it’s fun to cook different food for events. Why is it fun to cook for different events? Because making food for others makes me happy.
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    Ideation • Listing Ideas • Remove a constraint • Make

    an analogy • Exaggerate • Get in the garbage
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    Synthesis • Persona > Journey Map > Opportunity • Prototyping

    • Low Fidelity design • High Fidelity design
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