A Delightfully Short Guide to Static Site Generators

54e37ff620b00a8597e698039d58134f?s=47 Matt Woods
November 22, 2019

A Delightfully Short Guide to Static Site Generators

Need to launch a quick-and-easy site for your next side-project, blog (or just as a favor for a friend?) Before you reach for Github Pages, make sure you've considered the new generation of static site generators to streamline your development process.

We'll take a crash course through the most exciting tools that introduce API-driven content through GraphQL and even make it a snap to add smart functionality through serverless functions.

Hey! I'm Matt Woods, a growth marketer, software developer and shameless book addict. Currently, I run Growth at Tailwind, an Oklahoma City software startup that makes marketing easy for small businesses. I also co-founded OKC Indie Hackers to help scrappy creators build software that makes the world better.


Matt Woods

November 22, 2019