How I Accidentally Learned to Love CSS Again

How I Accidentally Learned to Love CSS Again

I've had a love-hate relationship with CSS (like many developers.) But embracing the utility-first workflow with TailwindCSS has made a night-and-day difference when I'm developing new front-end experience on the web.

Check out this (very rough) deck I threw together for a 5-minute lightning talk at the Thunderplains 2019 conference in Oklahoma City.


Matt Woods

October 22, 2019


  1. How I Accidentally Learned to Love CSS Again "What's the

    deal with TailwindCSS?" @matopher
  2. How I used to feel writing CSS @matopher

  3. ❌ Yet another Bootstrap copy & paste ❌ Hours of

    "coding by hand" @matopher
  4. Reasons you'll ❤ (or at least not HATE) utility-first CSS

  5. Instantly see changes on-the-fly (even in your browser!) @matopher

  6. No more guessing..... ❌ font-size, ❌ colors, ❌ padding, margins,

    borders... @matopher
  7. Kiss cascade hell good-bye ❌ ✅ @matopher

  8. Kick media queries to the curb ' ❌ ✅ @matopher

  9. Stack any combination of classes together ( * @matopher

  10. One last thing: Customize anything you want @matopher