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What Zelda Taught Me about Front End Engineering

911466eedb687b909f7e66816223ceb2?s=47 Matt Steele
December 06, 2012

What Zelda Taught Me about Front End Engineering

Writing good JavaScript is hard. You're locked in a neverending battle against browser quirks and copy/pasted spaghetti code.

Know what else is hard? The Legend of Zelda.

The similarities run deeper than you'd think.



Matt Steele

December 06, 2012


  1. Treating JavaScript Like a Real Language Or: What Zelda taught

    me about Front End Engineering
  2. Matt Steele •@mattdsteele •

  3. JavaScript is Fraught With Peril

  4. Anti-Patterns Everywhere

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  6. The browser is the most hostile software engineering environment imaginable.

    - Douglas Crockford
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  8. Its famous difficulty demanded so much, not just from my

    hands but from my entire ragged nervous system, even from my temper, my character. It never explained itself and so conjured, via ingenious online components, a community as helpful and treacherous as any group of humans. Tevis Thompson
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  12. To win at JavaScript, we have to treat it like

    a real language.
  13. Learn the language Use appropriate tooling Unit test Use build

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  15. Learn the Language

  16. “JavaScript is the only language that I’m aware of that

    people feel they don’t need to learn before they start using it.” Douglas Crockford
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  19. js-assessment

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  21. Code Katas

  22. None
  23. Tools

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  25. As an engineer, there is a short list of tools

    that you must be rabid about. Rabid. Foaming at the mouth crazy. Rands the_foamy_rules_for_rabid_tools.html
  26. Learn your editor

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  28. Emmet (zen coding)

  29. Arguments over style are pointless. There should be a style

    guide, and you should follow it. Rebecca Murphy
  30. “use strict”;

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  32. jsHint Your First Unit Test

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  35. Watch other people’s workflow

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  37. Testing

  38. None
  39. ⌘+R

  40. Lincoln

  41. Omaha

  42. Jasmine

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  46. Use a Build Tool

  47. •Run tests •Apply linting •Concatenate & Minify •Compile •Remove debugging

    statements •Precompile templates

  49. •CSS linting •Compress images •auto-watching •Create documentation •Download & maintain


  51. Continuous Integration

  52. None
  53. CoffeeScript