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The Foundations of Collaboration with GitHub • SIGCSE 2014

The Foundations of Collaboration with GitHub • SIGCSE 2014

Matthew McCullough

March 08, 2014

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  1. Matthew.... @matthewmccull ‣Open source contributor ‣O'Reilly Git Video Co-instructor ‣Co-Author

    of O'Reilly's Git book ‣5-year Git trainer ‣Instructor at GitHub
  2. # Legacy project tree! $ cd existingproject! $ git init!

    ! # Add all the code! $ git add .! $ git commit -m”Initial import”

  3. tree tree: 7e8b1 web blob: 9ab16 index.html a10b3 tree blob:

    8d162 logo.jpg blob: 51d22 draw.js 7e8b1 commit tree: a10b3 parent: nil author: Fird committer: Matthew message: Major refactoring of the web content. c67db blob <html> <body></body> </html> 9ab16 blob //Some more javascript var renderSize 51d22 blob 7D 8D B3 7F BD 12 9F E9 7B 78 9D 3F 5C A6 72 CB 8d162
  4. v1 v2 v3 v4 File A File B File C

    File A File B File B File C v5 File A File B File B File A File A File C File C File C
  5. Certified Repo Development Repo t e g r a t

    i o n M a n a g e d Continuous
  6. C u s t o m + P u b

    l i c C o n t r i b Customized ☚ Private Public ☛ GitHub
  7. Mirror Development Repo M i r r o r e

    d Mirror Certified Repo
  8. data from http://whygitisbetterthanx.com/#git-is-fast Init git svn Status git svn Diff

    git svn Tag git svn Log git svn Commit (Lg) git svn Commit (Sm) git svn Branch git c svn c Speed
  9. "This is so important, we can't entrust it to automation.

    We need our top developer to supervise it."