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Spotlight 9-10. Презентация "Traditional Russian holidays and celebrations"

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March 25, 2013

Spotlight 9-10. Презентация "Traditional Russian holidays and celebrations"

Бойцова Т. А., г. Владимир, МБОУ СОШ № 31.



March 25, 2013


  1. History is changing,but the holidays remain. Alexander Kargin-Utkin

  2. Christmastide Christmastide is the chief winter holiday, marks the transition

    from the old year to the new. Christmastide shared on the holy evening and fearful evening. Christmastide began koleduvane, but after the girl augured.
  3. Christmas Another traditionally Russian celebration takes place on January 7th,

    which is an Orthodox Christmas. People visit their relatives on this day carrying rice pudding with raisins, which is called “kutya”. Many young and single girls try to read their fortune on the night of 6th and 7th January.
  4. Epiphany Epiphany is one of the chief Christian holidays. On

    the day performed the Great water consecration(водоосвящение). The holiday is usually accompanied by ritual releasing of doves, symbolizing the end with the holidays to be set free.
  5. Shrovetide One of the most interesting holidays in Russia takes

    place at the end of February to celebrate the end of winter. The holiday lasts for a week which is known as a Shrovetide. People traditionally eat lots of pancakes on this holiday and burn the scarecrow saying farewell to winter snow.
  6. Larks Spring Equinox. Larks are usually baked on "The Lark.“

    Birds gave away to children, and those with a shout and a ringing laugh ran(закликать) larks, and with them the spring. After baked birds usually ate, but their head gave cattle or gave the mother.
  7. Easter The most important orthodox holiday is Christ’s Revival which

    is also called Easter. This day is familiar to everyone since childhood. Brightly painted eggs, tasty smelling Easter cakes full the atmosphere of this day. People prepare for celebrating this day beforehand. On Saturday believers bake Easter cakes, bear them in church with painted eggs for consecration. It is the symbolical value. The people go from Saturday to Sunday’s night in a temple on Easter divine service. After this people say «Christ Voskresi!» and answer: «Truly Voskresi!
  8. Day of the Holy Trinity Day of the Holy Trinity

    is one of the closest to the Russian people of the Christian holidays. By this time, the finally waking up nature after a long winter begins a new, full and productive life.
  9. The night of Ivan Kupala Every year in June many

    Russians celebrate the holiday called “The night of Ivan Kupala”. People traditionally weave the wreaths from wildflowers, make the bonfires and swim in lakes on the night of this day.
  10. St. Peter's Day St. Peter's Day is the national holiday,

    celebrated on July 12. End of bathing celebrations "crown of Summer" and summer weddings, farewell to spring, the first weeding and preparing for hay time.