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Angular - The Return of The King

Angular - The Return of The King

Introduction into Angular Framework version 2 and above.


Irfan Maulana

June 16, 2017


  1. Angular The Return of The King Presented by Irfan Maulana

  2. About Me • Name : Irfan Maulana • Job :

    Software Development Engineer • Work at : Blibli.com (PT GDN) • More than 2 years with AngularJS and now still learning Angular. • Moderator in AngularID
  3. Long time ago… • There was a kingdom led by

    a KING known as JQuery. • People was so happy with his leadership.
  4. After a years • KING JQuery has become too oldies

    • AngularJS replace as new KING
  5. The King was Tired • KING AngularJS was too tired

    because many war outside • Many kingdom with its power want to seized AngularJS
  6. AngularJS Replacement • AngularJS has a great son for replace

    him as a KING. • Angular son of AngularJS now Ready to take the Glory • War become hot again
  7. AngularJS x Angular • AngularJS known for all version under

    1.x • Angular known for version 2.x and above
  8. Angular Nowadays

  9. Typescript in Angular • TypeScript is a typed superset of

    JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.
  10. Be safe with Typescript There is no worry using typescript.

  11. ReactiveX RxJS in Angular • RxJS is a library for

    reactive programming using Observables, to make it easier to compose asynchronous or callback-based code.
  12. Enter: Observable World

  13. Deep Dive with Angular

  14. • Angular coming with great CLI for generate skeleton, so

    we can feel the code without confusing the configuration • Install : npm install –g @angular/cli • Create : ng new project_name • Run : ng serve • Build : ng build Read More : https://medium.com/angularid/inisialisasi-project-angular- dengan-angular-cli-1061c9b0023c Angular CLI Generator
  15. Module Module is place to registering our components and services

  16. Component Partial block that have own view and function. Component

    is reusable.
  17. Service Injectable part in Angular that can be used as

    logic wrapper or simple state management
  18. Pipe Easy data real-time formatter with any custom logic.

  19. Routing Built-In frontend side routing url.

  20. Lets build the block

  21. Repository Github : https://github.com/mazipan/ng2-starwars Demo : https://mazipan.github.io/ng2-starwars/

  22. Join AngularID • Facebook : Angular Indonesia • Github :

    angular-indonesia • Medium : angularid • Telegram : @AngularID
  23. Contact Me • Facebook : /mazipanneh • Twitter : @maz_ipan

    • Linkedin : /in/irfanmaulanamazipan • Slideshare : /IrfanMaulana21 • Speakerdeck : /mazipan • Github : mazipan • Email : mazipanneh@gmail.com • Blog : mazipanneh