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The Essentials of Great Product Design

06b03e8f46b702647fae572f68725ae0?s=47 Matt Baxter
March 16, 2016

The Essentials of Great Product Design

This talk will explore three key components to creating great products: understanding customer needs, rapidly prototyping and testing ideas, and true cross-team collaboration.

- How to discover customer needs through observation
- Rapidly test and iterate on new ideas without wasting development cycles
- Fostering cross-team collaboration that leads to customer empathy and a unified vision


Matt Baxter

March 16, 2016

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  1. The Essentials of Great Product Design Matt Baxter • @mbxtr

    • March 16, 2016

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    gaps in prescription coverage. In the pharmacy savings card business since 1993.
  4. 50 million households reached every month active members save money

    with our products 1.2 million
  5. Tens of millions of prescriptions filled annually average savings on

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  6. www.refillwise.com Rx Discounts Loyalty Points Cash Rewards

  7. Data Science Technology Product Design

  8. Product Design Is a holistic perspective Focused on the problem/solution

    fit Can be applied to any type of product; software, hardware, or service
  9. Rapid Prototyping

  10. Start “Done” Able to test Without Prototyping

  11. With Prototyping Start “Done” Able to test

  12. “The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business

    questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.” http://www.gv.com/sprint/
  13. Make it tangible

  14. LOW or HIGH

  15. Prototyping 
 answers questions
 that meetings can’t

  16. Learn to experiment and avoid the 
 sunk-cost fallacy

  17. Prototyping

  18. www.invisionapp.com

  19. Framer www.framerjs.com

  20. Or use what you have… Keynote Powerpoint

  21. User Research

  22. Your product is an answer to 
 someone’s problem

  23. Just asking isn’t enough Q? A!

  24. Find out why

  25. Listen & Observe

  26. Analytics & data reveal patterns

  27. Qualitative research leads to empathy

  28. “It’s the closest thing we’ve found to a silver bullet

    when it comes to reliably improving the designs teams produce… The number of hours each team member is exposed directly to real users…” — Jared Spool https://articles.uie.com/user_exposure_hours/
  29. Research doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated

  30. “Elaborate usability tests are a waste of resources. The best

    results come from testing no more than 5 users…” — Jakob Neilson https://www.nngroup.com/articles/why-you-only-need-to-test-with-5-users/
  31. https://www.nngroup.com/articles/why-you-only-need-to-test-with-5-users/ “The cost-benefit analysis of user testing provides the optimal

    ratio around 3 or 5 users”
  32. User Research

  33. 30 - 60 minutes 1 computer ⏰ 3 - 5

    users Testing Sessions
  34. Reminder: We’re testing the product, 
 not the participant

  35. everyone Share with

  36. Collaboration

  37. open communication Collaboration is…

  38. open communication humility & empathy Collaboration is… +

  39. “Each group, then, is trying to do the right thing,

    but they're pulling in different directions. If any one of those groups 'wins,' we lose.” — Ed Catmull, Co-Founder of Pixar
  40. We start with open brainstorming sessions

  41. Define the problem

  42. Generate & Distill

  43. Share 
 early and often

  44. www.invisionapp.com

  45. www.slack.com

  46. Lower the barrier 
 of participation

  47. The Essentials of Great Product Design Rapid Prototyping User Research

  48. Thanks! Matt Baxter Luscinia Health mbaxter@lusciniahealth.com @mbxtr