Jax London 2019 - Serverless On Your Own Terms using Knative

Jax London 2019 - Serverless On Your Own Terms using Knative

Knative is an open-source serverless platform extending Kubernetes to help developers build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads. Whether you write functions or applications Knative solves many of the common developer burdens like scaling, resource and route management, or logging and tracing without the need to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Knative also comes with a vibrant ecosystem of multi-cloud event sources which are easy to wire up in your application and trigger your code. And because Kantive is open, you can run it on any Cloud or in your own datacenter where Kubernetes is offered. This session will provide overview of Knative project and introduce many of the common developer and operational patterns used to run real-world solutions.

In this session you will:
* Learn what Knative is and what are its benefits
* Overview major Knative components and their role
* Use demos to illustrate common way to interact with Knative


Mark Chmarny

October 08, 2019